El Infinito

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Charitable Organization
, Quetzaltenango
October 11, 2013 - 11:33am
Xela + Western Highlands
Max Buckner
+502 5929-3603
Less than 5
Education / Schools, Environmental / Animal, Farming / Agriculture


El Infinito is an organization for sustainable culture through education, focusing on preserving the land, food and culture. We aim to protect and preserve the biodiversity and health of our natural environment; the plants, animals and people that rely on it for life. We hope to share knowledge about the earth and food with the people of Guatemala through cultural activities, thus providing opportunities for the community to participate in various sustainable living practices; such as composting, urban gardening, recycling, cooking classes, nutritional information and workshops, energy efficiency, rainwater catchment systems, and various other techniques. We will provide a living example at our headquarters, in Xela, and will use the tenets of permaculture to guide our programs and activities.


El Infinito sees Guatemala as fertile ground for growth and we see education as the main vehicle to achieve positive environmental and social changes. Our purpose is to provide access to education, and examples of positive social and cultural changes. We aim to do this by bringing people together through culture and providing a physical location for the community to host forums, educational events, and to learn by doing, using culture as a tool to engage, empower and inspire. Food and art are integral parts of culture, and El Infinito hopes to demonstrate sustainability with both, while highlighting the importance of health both for humans and the environment. We will do this by demonstrating local and organic foods, which is also a part of El Infinito´s sustainable economic model. This includes connecting with, supporting and promoting local farmers, selling seeds, trees and local food, and having classes in cooking, gardening, composting, nutrition, and food preserving, to name a few.

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Hola buena tarde es un gusto saludarle y desearle éxitos en sus labores diarias y que Dios le derrame bendiciones, solo con una consulta soy contadora y curso el séptimo semestre de auditoria por la cual deseo saber si habrá alguna plaza vacante en esta ONG para que pueda aplicar, gracias, linda tarde.

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