Fotokids (Fundación de Niños Artists de Guatemala)

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Charitable Organization
, Guatemala
March 4, 2015 - 1:29pm
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango, Guatemala City
Evelyn Mansilla
5 - 10
Education / Schools, Crime / Drugs / Gangs, Women's Issues

Fotokids was founded in 1991 by ex-Reuters photojournalist Nancy McGirr, who handed cameras to eight children that lived with their families alongside thousands of others in Guatemala City's municipal garbage dump and had them document their lives.
From its humble beginnings Fotokids, originally called Out of the Dump, has served over a thousand of at-risk children affected by poverty and violence giving them a chance to realize the dream of a better life. Using photography, graphic design, media technology and vocational training experience as tools, the children learn self-expression, creativity, leadership, and have a better chance for future employment.
Graduates have gotten jobs in Design Agencies, as photojournalists, TV cameramen/women, in international non-profits as educators and in government agencies and private businesses.
The problem it addresses – Over one half of all Guatemala’s population is under the age of 15. According to UNICEF, 57% of all Guatemalan children do not attend school and and of those that do only 36% of finish the sixth grade. Over half the population of Guatemala lives in poverty, making $2 per day.
The program currently serves over 225 children from impoverished in Guatemala and Honduras and children of farm workers in California’s Central Valley and includes:
• Traditional scholarships for children who cannot otherwise afford an education from first grade through university-

• Year round classes in the media arts and international mentoring programs, offering real life professional experience in photography, graphic design and video-

• Save Girls, a 3-year media technology and gender empowerment program, designed to teach skills to teenage girls who are otherwise trapped in gang dominated violent barrios -

• Opportunities to travel and to attend inaugurations of their work in over 45 galleries and museums worldwide, including Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam-

• The creation of a children’s book, Out of the Dump, photographs and Writings by Children of Guatemala, published by Wm. Morrow & Co. which received numerous book awards -

• The establishment of Jakaramba, a professional graphic design company operated and staffed by Fotokids graduates who have provided their premier-quality services to the United Nations, and to dozens of non-profit and commercial studios for book design, photography, web-site development and video production, at the same time providing training and real life experience for our younger student interns-
• Professional work assignments by our kids on films by George Lucas, Jaguar House Films, Hispanic TV, United Nations Film Festival, Reuters Design UK, Plan International, Save the Children and international organizations in Uganda, Colombia, Mexico and the UK-
Donations: Fotokids
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