Fundación Equinos Sanos para el Pueblo

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Charitable Organization
, Sacatepéquez
October 11, 2013 - 11:48am
El Peten
Carol Jimenez
11 - 20
Environmental / Animal, Economic Development

MISSION: Horses Healthy for People (ESAP) is a Guatemalan foundation that promotes the welfare of working horses, recognizing its importance in the economic and emotional stability of families and communities.

Develops, promotes and strengthens sustainable practices of care and management of working horses through educational programs with community participation and strategic alliances.

VISION: ESAP becomes the principal agent of change in the welfare for working horses and form a culture of respect and recognition of its importance.

CORPORATE GOAL: Achieve a sustainable increase the welfare of working horses in Guatemala.

Compassion: We understand the physical and emotional state of animals and workers feel the desire to alleviate their suffering with goodness and kindness.
Perseverance: We aim to achieve our objectives through a continuous effort, considering the social, cultural and economic conditions that we face.
Commitment: We identified and involved in our cause and make it part of our daily action.
Disclaimer: We accept the duty to make decisions consciously, and accept the consequences of our actions focused on respect for ethics, people, communities and the environment.
Honesty: We conduct our activities in an integrated, transparent, honorable, consistent, accurate and fair.
Respect: We recognize, appreciate and value the qualities and the rights of living beings and their environment to better living.

Availability and access to resources and veterinary services.
Preventive care and management of working animals by the community.
Community development and environmental protection.

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Es interesante su preocupacion por los equinos. Soy médico veterinario. Trabajo con equinos y ha sido muy útil en mi experiencia profesional, especialmente de zonas alto andinas del Perú, que son equinos de carga y para el trabajo en la ganadería.

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