Global Shore Opportunities

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Charitable Organization
El Tizate
, Sacatepequez
May 6, 2016 - 3:11pm
More than 20
Education / Schools, Religious / Spiritual, Construction / Housing

Global Shore Opportunities (GSO) is a Canadian charity that was founded in 2004. GSO works in the town of El Tizate, Guatemala and operates a Christian school with over 300 children in it. A secondary initiative is housing construction for families in need.

Global Shore Opportunities is a charity run out of Southern Ontario, Canada. Since 2004, GSO has been involved in El Tizate, Guatemala. GSO began by sending Canadian university students to this small town for a two-month missions trip in the summer. Emphasis began in housing construction and while that is still a component of the ministry, the Lord has led in the direction of Christian education. Colegio Cristiano Avivando el Fuego (Fanning the Flame Christian school), has the goal of raising up disciples of Christ through the means of education. Ministered to and taught by a staff that fears and loves the Lord, we are seeing tremendous impact on the lives of the 300 students that currently make up our student body (2016). Being tightly connected to the local evangelical church, the work of the Holy Spirit is very strong in this union of Canadian/foreign and Guatemalan brothers and sisters in the Lord.

We host visiting short-term teams throughout the year, but longer service opportunities exist as well. In the school we have an excellent TEFL Department (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and we are seeking 5 individuals to fill our needs in this department for the 2017 school year. The school year runs from January – October, and each position is a one-year contract.

Check out our TEFL webpage for more details and an application:

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Estoy muy agradesido con Global shore.. pues es de gran ayuda... y tiene un exelente objetivo para enseñar... Gracias a Dios por llegar a dar todo lo exelente.....que DIOS LOS BENDIGA.... exitos en todo...


Represento una empresa de construcción el cual tiene como misión contribuir al desarrollo de Guatemala con respecto al área de construcción y mejorar la calidad de vida de muchas familias Guatemaltecas llevando un hogar digno y con condiciones de salubridad dignas por lo que busco un enlace con Global Shore para hacer realidad dichos proyectos.

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