Google technical support available to merge multiple account

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Google is an American technology company that specializes in internet related services. Google was established and founded in 1998 by students of Stanford University situated in California. Google has carefully developed the account system so that it could be easier for you to handle your digital life. It helps you to exchange mails in a secure manner. Sending and receiving of your mails have now been easier than before. If you are wondering how to merge multiple accounts in Google. Google provides you with this lucrative option as well. Google’s login system has been updated so that it can adjust multiple accounts into itself making it convenient for its users.

Follow the steps below in order to access multiple accounts at one place:

First of all visit the official site of Google and log into your primary Google account. As the interface has been updated it would be easier for you to do so.
Once you have logged in, now, click on your account profile photo which you would be able to locate on the top right corner of the screen. From the menu out there click on add account
Here you will be directed to the login page once again but now that would be the login of your secondary account. You can either use your Gmail account or any other customized mail address that you are using can be accessed.
You are now logged into both primary and secondary email accounts. To keep switching between the two without logging out you can just click on the profile image and it would direct you to the other account you have logged into. There is no limit to the accounts that you want to add
If you want to add certain more accounts for your use. You can simply refer the above mentioned steps and add the third account just as the second account was added and so on.
If you are having doubts with the above mentioned steps Google provides you with a service where you can directly get connected to the experts. For that you can contact the google customer service number and the person who gets connected with you, would help you to solve your problem instantly

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