Integral Heart Foundation

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Charitable Organization
Antigua Guatemala
, Sacatepequez
October 20, 2016 - 10:10am
Debora Prieto
(502) 408 7729
5 - 10
Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Religious / Spiritual, Women's Issues

The Integral Heart Foundation - Connecting Hearts - Evolving Culture

Education is the heart of our work. Our school is currently home for 6 different learning programs, a Teacher-Training Program and is serving over 1,500 meals and snacks every month. Since 2011 our programs have delivered classes and support to over 1,200 students and their families in Guatemala. We have also provided over 2,500 food baskets to our sponsored families.

Together, our Critical-Thinking/Advanced Functioning Skills and Education Sponsorship Programs have reached an additional 2,800 students and are creating sustainable community leaders. Our model; Nourish, Learn, Socialize, Transform, Replicate. Click here for our more recent photos -

Our Mission: To change culture from the inside out through person -to-person sponsoring and advanced educational programs that include the development of mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Our Vision: We see our work as the beginning of a multi-generational movement whose leaders are empowered to preserve cultural beauty and diversity; to strive for human rights and gender equality; and also to embrace personal responsibility in a global context.

About us: The Integral Heart Foundation

Our School, La Academia, based in Antigua, is named for Plato's Academy 'a gathering place for intellectuals'.
We now have over 800 minds crossing the doorstep monthly. At La Academia,
we can host the following programs for sponsored students and families:

- Critical-Thinking (CT) Programs for Teens
- 3-year full-time Teacher-Training Program
- English Classes
- Spanish Classes
- Psychology Classes
- Counseling for students and family members
- Homework Study / Tutoring for Teens
- Classes and playtime for our junior students and siblings
- Daycare for a small group of most involved families
- Programs for moms and dads
- Home base for our social worker/family liaison
- Special events and invited speakers (see photos)
- Food program serving almost 1,500 meals and snacks per month
- and the resident street dogs, Chispa, Muneca, Manda, and puppy Tasha!

Critical-Thinking: The Critical-Thinking Program is about changing culture from the inside out. We are doing this, not by teaching the kids what to think, but how to think. This program teaches individual competency and social skills, and encourages taking responsibility, not only for the self but also for other people. Curriculum includes Emotional Management, Comparative Religions, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Values, Intentions, Decision-making and Sex Education.

Education Sponsorship: Our person-to-person sponsor program allows a child to attend school and university. This keeps them off the streets and in an environment where learning, love and potential replace the lure of doing nothing, menial labor or even a life as a gang member.

Nutrition Program: We also use sponsorship funds to provide a food basket to each of their families, school supplies and medical attention when required. We select beneficiary families and individuals in co-operation of our existing students and with our local partner organizations.

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