Let Me shine Guatemala

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Charitable Organization
Santa Catarina
, San Antonio
July 25, 2016 - 1:17pm
Michi Ogata
Less than 5
Education / Schools, Cultural / Indegenous, Economic Development

Welcome to Let Me Shine Guatemala!

We are a US registered 501 (c) 3 non profit organization working with indigenous and street children to provide a safe environment for them to be children and to prevent child labor. We all know that sometimes poverty can take away their privileges of being children. The mission of our group is to restore those lost privileges and let them SHINE!
It was one hot Friday afternoon in 2010, the co-founder, Mario, was walking down a street with his soccer ball when he saw street children playing soccer with a full trash bag. He invited children to play with his ball and had a game with him. This gathering became a promise since then and now have about 30 children gathering to play with us every Friday.

We soon realized many of those children spend most of their day on streets selling candies to make $3-5 a day. Many never went to school and didn't know how to read and write. We wanted to provide a place where they can stop by to take a break, play, and learn basic reading, writing, and math. In 2014, we opened a community center in an indigenous community,Santa Catarina, to serve those children who work on streets as well as children from the indigenous community. We provide English, Math, and computer classes at the community center as well as some meals and homework assistance.

We believe that everybody has unique special talents. We welcome any volunteers who are willing to share their special talents with our children to help them discover theirs.

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