Life of Hope Ministries

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Charitable Organization
, Missouri
March 19, 2014 - 11:47am
United States
Guatemala City
Rick Grove
5 - 10
Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Religious / Spiritual

Life of Hope Ministries serves with, and helps resource, established Guatemalan ministry partners. We partner with ministry organizations that are benefiting the educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual welfare of street children and children at high risk of becoming street children.

We resource our partners through financial support, ministry materials, short and long term servant interns, short term mission teams, encouragement retreats, and looking for opportunities to grow their scope of ministry.

Life of Hope Ministries was established in June of 2004 and in October 2013 became a registered non-profit in Guatemala. Our current partnerships serve in some of the most challenged ghetto areas of Guatemala City. The partners serve an estimated population of 100,000 children and families in 3 focus areas of the city. This effort extends to the streets of the city where thousands of street children live.

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