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San Andres Semetabaj
, Solola
December 25, 2013 - 9:35pm
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
Tom Heaton
11 - 20
Education / Schools, NGO Assistance / Fund, Health / Medical, Engineer / H20 / Stoves

Mission Guatemala Inc. was founded in 2009 by Tom Heaton, a United Methodist pastor, who has been supporting the needs of poor and indigenous peoples of Guatemala since the year 2000. The organization’s philosophy is based on John Wesley’s teaching to , “Do all the good you can”.

As a United Methodist related organization, Mission Guatemala believes that all people deserve to be respected and have their basic needs met and that Christians have a calling to help others where they are able. Therefore, Mission Guatemala collaborates with community members, international mission teams, and other NGOs to help meet the needs of Guatemalans living in poverty in the service areas of Health, Education, and Housing.

Program services are funded through generous donations and sponsorships, with the majority of this support provided by United Methodist Church congregations. Project execution relies on the many dedicated volunteer mission teams who come for week-long trips to work in the communities.

Our current projects include:

Feeding centers for chronically malnourished children
Fuel efficient wood burning stoves
A low cost medical and dental clinic
Preschool and nutrition center

The Blog: Updates from Mission Guatemala

Tennies For Tocaché


This past summer, a team from Advent UMC in Simpsonville, South Carolina spent a week with Mission Guatemala working on the construction of a hand washing sink at the school in the small rural community of Tocaché.  During the week, the team also conducted daily activities for the children of the community, during which they quickly noticed that many of the children had shoes that were in poor condition or were falling apart.

On their last day at the school, the group measured the feet of each child in the school, and when they got back to South Carolina, launched a “Tennies for Tocaché” campaign at Advent UMC, asking their congregation to purchase shoes for the community.  The church responded, and quickly gathered —- pairs of new shoes.  And this past week, all the students of Tocaché gathered at the school for the presentation of their new shoes, just in time for Christmas.

Mission Guatemala would like to thank our friends at Advent United Methodist for their wonderful act of love and generosity!

Examining my friends new shoes!



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un saludo para todos los que emitan su comentario a esta pagina, mi pregunta es si conocen una fundacion como: fundacion san gabriel ubicada en la ciudad capital, que trabaja proyectos de agua potable y drenajes en las comunidades del area rural, porque no podemos encontrar la direccion, como fundacion o como ONG. gracias por su informacion o comentario, sera de mucha ayuda para nosotros

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