Project Somos

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Charitable Organization
May 27, 2011 - 3:06pm
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
5 - 10
Orphanage / Home

The Project Somos Children's Village will be a safe and loving environment for orphaned and abandoned children. There will be homes with Guatemalan foster mothers each raising a household of children. Education, leadership and arts will be integral to the Children's Village. The Village will work hand in hand with the local Guatemalan community.

The most important facet of Project Somos is to nurture the children to become compassionate and creatively intelligent adults who will enter society as productive citizens. The hope of Guatemala lies in their young people and the Village will be raising Guatemala’s future leaders, parents, teachers and professionals.

As well as being designed to have an inherent beauty and harmony, the Village will be built to be eco-sustainable with alternative energy generation, rain water capture and grey water recycling. Organic agriculture will provide food for the moms and children.

The goal of Project Somos is to reach financial sustainability through Social Enterprises. Small businesses will be established to employ locals and to financially sustain the project in a real and concrete way. Ideas for potential businesses at this time include; volunteer tourism, special event hall rental and agricultural production. Project Somos is open and excited to partner with existing local and foreign businesses to establish Social Enterprises.

Thanks to a very generous donor, an ideal piece of land was purchased in December 2010 and will be the future home of the Project Somos Children's Village. Construction of the Village will begin in 2011.


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