Sociedad Protectora del Niño

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Charitable Organization
, Guatemala
June 10, 2016 - 8:07am
Guatemala City
Carlos Mérida
More than 20
Education / Schools, Orphanage / Home

Sociedad Protectora del Niño was founded on October 31, 1920 .

Its main objective is to provide care and assistance to children whose parents work and need to have the peace of mind to let their sons and daughters in a safe place, where love, healthcare, food and education is provided to the children for an optimal physical mental, emotional and social development.

The Sociedad Protectora del Niño in Guatemala has:
· Six Casas del Niño (daycare centers) where 1,800 children, ages 2months to 6 years, are taken care of daily.

· Medical services: clinics, pharmacy, laboratory and dental service.

· Comprehensive care for children, providing: early stimulation, pre-school education, counselling, maternal breastfeeding and nutrition.

· Workshops for Parents: focused on keeping families integrated and free of violence.

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