Estufas Chispa

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Charitable Organization
Ciudad Vieja,
, Sacatepéquez
August 9, 2018 - 8:36am
All of Guatemala, Antigua, Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango, El Peten, Guatemala City, Izabal + Southeast, Quiche + Verapazes
11 - 20
Economic Development, Women's Issues, Engineer / H20 / Stoves

Estufas Chispa design and manufacture clean cookstoves near Antigua, Guatemala.

We are a social enterprise committed to improving the quality of life of Guatemalans living in poverty through the provision of accessible, affordable, high‐quality, environmentally and socially sustainable cookstoves that serve the economic, health, and energy needs of Guatemalan households.

We are positioned as a specialist provider with rapid design‐test‐modification cycles. As the improved cookstove industry has matured in Guatemala, we believe there is a need to pursue multiple approaches to improving the efficiency, usability and desirability of clean cookstoves. The dominant cookstove production strategy has involved economies of scale reliant on the production of one‐size‐fits‐all models to which it is hoped that the consumer will adapt. The scalability of this approach is appealing, however the drawback is that it is more difficult to incorporate user feedback into designs. Our guiding philosophy, based on our experience serving low‐income populations in Guatemala in a variety of capacities, is that there is no such thing as a one‐size‐fits‐all stove and that the sector must develop a range of designs that serve the diverse needs of low income households and small-scale enterprises.

Our approach is to adapt the product to the user, taking into account specialized markets and producing tailored stoves that best meet the needs of each user group. Historically, limited emphasis on user satisfaction has resulted in frustration and disinterest amongst actual and potential clients, and even total rejection or abandonment of clean cookstoves. It is vital for the industry and the health of people around the world that this tendency be redressed. Word of mouth marketing remains the primary expansion mechanism of cookstoves in Guatemala, and a positive experience amongst users will have a highly favorable impact on the industry.

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