Unmarked Streets (Caminos sin Marcas)

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Charitable Organization
Guatemala City
, Guatemala
October 11, 2013 - 11:33am
Guatemala City
Andrea Stachnik
Less than 5
Education / Schools, Economic Development, Engineer / H20 / Stoves

Unmarked Streets distributes products of social impact – through a network of empowered local women.
We choose technologies and tools that meet at least one of our charitable objectives: serving disadvantaged communities, improving public health, protecting the environment, and furthering education.

Our first project is working witha team of Guatemalan women to sell clean burning cook stoves in local communities. The team will sell small, portable stoves which use heat efficiently, greatly reducing the amount of firewood needed to cook and therefore also reducing the amount of smoke generated by the fire. The stoves improve the respiratory health for the women cooking as well as other family living in the house, and also reduce deforestation in the surrounding community.

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gracias por la oportunidad de ser parte de caminos sin marcas.

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