Voluntarios de Amor

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Charitable Organization
, suchitepequez
July 9, 2011 - 10:47pm
Pacific Coast
paola castro
5 - 10
Education / Schools, Health / Medical, Economic Development, Women's Issues, Construction / Housing

Love is a volunteer organization that seeing the situation of our Paiz Pobresa is committed to a group of volunteers make a difference and knowing that the word LOVE is the only fundamental basis and starting work and dedication esfuerso and responsibility to help the promoan because together we are and if we come together as one we know we can achieve great development and thus ending illiteracy, malnutrition, and a better quality of life for our brother, our people because we are a large family without distinction sex race or religion the idea of ​​love is to encourage voluntary self-esteem and increased self-motivational speaking for himself not love anyone who may likewise be promoan love and if we have enough love for us roden disease from spreading love and help the promoan for a better community together we better departameto municipality is better when you from becoming infected and you join the largest volunteer movement of love passing the ball and Join.

VOLUNTEERS OF LOVE IS A PRIMARY OBJECTIVES PROPOSED 2 educate and teach and give workshops to teach our people to work and leverage their resources and bring a better quality of life and especially to encourage children to be educated to finish illiteracy and achieve more professional.We believe that health is important but if we educate and teach our people with health workshops, hygiene, eating habits, there would be less malnutrition, death and disease.

our schools must implement the free education paid for is just as essential and Specialized.

Our struggle is to help the most needy poor people,
working community without race or gender deisticiones

Power Implement
training workshops for women, youth and children
medical conferences
dental conference

able to train our team of volunteers to continue working

VOLUNTEERS OF LOVE We start with a group of friends who met and supported each other a musical people we admired our union and support to events and gathered near promoan resources and Donab if recognition was somewhat expected as part of our lives until one day there was a big event wanted something more and wanted to help achieve a gift for a child at Christmas with all the media coverage of Suchitepequez communication with the support of many people who help us as Hiper Paiz, warehouses Villagran solis, etc. clear telephone company.after this great event we all split for college of fate so others married. and today after a while we managed to put together some that our vision has always been to help without personal interest or profit we decided to have our work and support many young people who have that feeling of helping promoan and do not have the space and Now we have decided to voluntarily form of love for young Suchitepequez visions and values ​​with energy and full of hope and struggle to a better future for our generations.we take the first step of this huge and great walk today but we just need you to expect Join

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