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Charitable Organization
San Andres
, Peten
January 30, 2011 - 7:17pm
El Peten
Matthew R. Peters
Less than 5
Education / Schools, Environmental / Animal

We are a small 501c3 non-for profit organization located in San Andres,
Petén in northern Guatemala. Our goal is to 1) protect and manage a 150
acre reserve in San Andres, 2) provide environmental education to all the
schools in San Andres, 3) to aid and assist small community organizations,
schools, and families in San Andres, and 4) to provide quality volunteer
opportunities for travelers and students.

Volunteer Projects are divided into major two major programs; 1) Ecological
Management and 2) Education. Ecological Management includes maintaining a
150-acre reserve, trail management, gardening, tree nursery management,
medicinal plants, reforestation projects, and ecological restoration
projects. Education includes environmental education, general education in
local schools, library management and activities, extracurricular
activities, and adult education. We also work on various construction
projects throughout the year. All programs offer a variety of activities
every day and throughout the year.

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I volunteered for El Peten in 2005 and did a home stay and worked in the medicinal plant garden. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend this organization for those people who want to volunteer and get involved in the community. With this organization there is no pressure, you choose how much you want to contribute. It is extremely reasonably priced, and the founder is a great, humble guy. I've since volunteered for Earthwatch, and I prefer the laid back, easy-come, easy-go attitude of El Peten, then the strenuous, and overpriced, commitment of the larger organizations.

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