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June 17, 2016 - 2:50pm
Antigua, El Peten, Pacific Coast, Quiche + Verapazes
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WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives by providing them with family planning education and access to reproductive health services.


WINGS addresses an urgent need for family planning and reproductive health services in Guatemala:
- Guatemala’s national fertility rate, at 4.2, is the highest in Latin America. Among the poorest fifth of the
population, the average family has 8 children, compared to only 2.4 among the wealthiest fifth;
- Only a third of women of reproductive age use a modern method of birth control, while 28% report an unmet need for family planning;
- A Guatemalan woman is 67 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth in her lifetime than a woman in the United States;
- At the current growth rate of 2.5%, the population is expected to double within the next 30 years, placing a strain on public resources and threatening some of the world's most bio-diverse and endangered ecological environments;
- Family planning is five times more cost-effective than conventional green technologies in reducing CO2 and curbing climate change.


To address this need, WINGS implements a range of programs, which provide the following services:
- Subsidies for short- and long-term family planning methods for men and women who cannot afford them;
- Reproductive health and family planning education for men, women and adolescents;
- Workshops for men and a mass media campaign on the sexual and reproductive health of men, family planning, gender stereotypes and responsible parenting;
- Training youth educators to provide reproductive health information to their peers;
- Cervical cancer screening and treatment;
- Advocacy to improve public health services; and
- Training for other organizations on reproductive health and program development.


WINGS was founded in 1999 by Sue Patterson, a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer who lives in Guatemala. Sue was inspired to create WINGS when a friend called asking for financial help to provide seven women, each of whom had at least eight children, with voluntary tubal ligations. Moved by the women’s desire to take charge of their reproductive lives and better provide for their existing children, Sue solicited donations from her friends. Surprised by their generous response, which amounted to over $4,000 in donations from the initial plea, Sue established WINGS in order to continue helping Guatemalans plan their families.

In 2001, WINGS became fully incorporated as a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and in 2003, we obtained similar non-profit status in Guatemala.

In 2010 WINGS' programs reached nearly 50,000 women, men and youth in Guatemala with family planning and reproductive health education and provided more than 25,000 temporary and permanent family planning methods throughout the country.

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The Blog: Updates from WINGS (ALAS)

Meet Ana Lucía, WINGS Family Planning Educator

For World Humanitarian Day 2015, WINGS is celebrating one of our dedicated team members. A true humanitarian who provides reproductive health education to thousands of youth, women, and men in some of the most underserved communities in Guatemala, and never loses her enthusiasm and motivation! We don’t know what we’d do without her and we […]

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Commentaries / Experiences


Fui un joven que participo en el taller de metodos de planificacion en Tecpan hace 5 años y fue una experiencia grandiosa quisiera formar parte de esta organizacion para ayudar a mi guatemala y asi reducir el indice de enfermedades sexuales y embarazos prematuros en adolescentes.
Carlos Ivan 49619402


me gustaria ayudar de alguna manera para que mas niñas menores de edad no sigan teniendo bebes a su corta edad por falta de informacion. att. Claudia Pacheco


Este programa es muy importante para generar conciencia con las nuevas generaciones para logra informar a tantas personas que aun no conocen métodos de planificación familiar y orientarlos. espero poder formar parte del voluntariado, dejo mis datos. Jeffry Mendez 54284920


Buen dia de antemano los felicito por su apoyo a la gente mas nesecitada, dejeme contarle que nosotros tambien somos una asociacion dedicada al fortalecimeinto indigena sobre todo para aquellas familiar que vivien en extrema pobreza, quisiera saber si me pueden mandar los formularios para la solicitud de un protecto.


Fue un Gusto Haber trabajado en Tan Prestigiosa Asociación, Experiencias Inolvidables

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