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30 Sep 2012
On Wednesday, we finally got to see Cooperativa beyond the school. The principal of the school, Celso, was kind enough to walk around with us, showing us his house, people we should know, and just the general environment of where the people we work with every day live. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous, so we were able to enjoy a beautiful little hike around Cooperativa: The beautiful mountainside :)Lots of...
22 Sep 2012
Just when we thought all of the fun activities were over for a while, we learned that Thursday classes were canceled for Primaria because Central and Cooperativa were playing soccer against each other. The Central teachers enthusiastically asked us to join them in the teachers' match... which Jess eagerly agreed to. On Thursday, we arrived in our desfile clothes (good thing we had the same uniform as the other...
12 Aug 2012
As you read in Ja's previous post, it's the Sololá feria this week. Nicole and Ja already participated in a parade (desfile) on Wednesday, but all of us at MPI-G participated in one with Central Primario today! We had a great time, even if it meant getting up at 6:30 this morning. One of the cool stunts the kids did.My favorite: the kids formed bicycles. Enjoying time with the teachers after the parade.The MPI-...
10 Jul 2012
Since my last blog we have seen and done so much! Now that we have all been assigned to teach certain classes, and have been traveling and becoming comfortable with our housemates, time seems to be flying by! I have been assigned to the 7th and 8th grade classes along with fellow volunteer Christina.  Our 7thgrade class is very large with 44 students, and for the first few weeks they were a bit challenging....
08 Jul 2012
Epic weekend of lakeside activities! MPIG goes kayaking and zip-lining! Turbo fun!
05 Jul 2012
Like any self respecting Southerner, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Yup. I went there. Not the traditional fan favorites of Thanksgiving with the mountains of casseroles, or Christmas with its secret santa exchanges but the Heartland’s birthday. That being said, you can understand why I was more than a tad crestfallen upon the realization that I would not in fact be in the Land of the Free for the...
24 Jun 2012
PDs and Interns took a trip to Xela this weekend. Here we are at the one and only XOCOMIL, Central America's largest water park!Left to right: Christina, Andrea, Dana, Kylie, Lorena, Kayla, Jess
22 Jun 2012
¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Andrea! Soy estudiante y trabajo con Manna. For all the non-Spanish speakers, that means, “Hello! My name is Andrea! I am a student and I work with Manna.” I work with Manna in Guatemala I might add—in a community where there are virtually no English speakers. In fact, most people here speak their native Mayan language, Kaqchikel, and then learn Spanish in school. In the past few days, I’ve actually...
12 Jun 2012
Please welcome Kylie, one of our second-session Summer Interns, to the blogosphere. Much more to come, as they'll be with us until July 28th!----------------------- Today is my third day in Guatemala and if I had to describe my experience so far I would say that it has been extraordinary. This country is not like any that I have ever seen, it is truly unique. The towns may not be the cleanest however it is...
09 Jun 2012
Well, it looks like my time in Guatemala is coming to an end.  I can’t believe it - I don’t think any of us can.  Cliché as it may sound, it seems like just yesterday that we were wandering around the airport with no clue what to expect and piling into a van with five strangers (Emily too!), nonetheless. In less than a week, something strange happened: everything started to seem normal.  The...
06 Jun 2012
 About a month ago, Lorena and I were up late talking, and she gave me a pop quiz. One question, four possible answers. The question was, “When you leave Guatemala, who are you going to miss the most?” The choices were varied, but my answer was easy and immediate. I said, “My students.”Living in Guatemala had its ups and down. From making new friends but having to see them leave a few months later, traveling to...
21 May 2012
Our first week here in Guatemala can only be described with one word: amazing.  As time goes on, we've grown more accustomed to life here in Sololá and the surrounding area.  We've traveled to the neighboring villages to help out with classes and lesson planning, played pick-up games of soccer with the students in Basico, socialized with other residents in Pana, negotiated in the market for fruits,...
16 May 2012
Our summer interns are here! Keep up-to-date with new posts from Christina, Michelle, Grace, Karianne, Juliana, and Rebecca over the next month! Our first guest post comes to you from Karianne:------------------- WE ARRIVED! We were greeted with hugs from Emily at the airport. She is full of energy, warmth and acceptance. I met our other group members: Rebecca, Michelle, Christina and Grace are from Vanderbilt,...
13 May 2012
Happy Mother's Day to all those near and far! As per usual, we were asked to choreograph and perform a dance for the celebration in Chaquijyá. Luckily we had 7 volunteers from Jackson Hole, WY that could easily find work as music video dancers. Check out these superstars redefine the shuffle!Don't you wish this is how we celebrated Mother's Day in the USA?Higher resolution video found here.
06 May 2012
Cultural exchange at its finest.
29 Apr 2012
MPIG went on a retreat to beautiful Monterrico last weekend!
11 Apr 2012
Many people travel the world in search of culinaryexcellence. Popular destinations include France, Italy, Thailand and Greece,for those who love food and want to try new things. Unfortunately, Guatemaladoes not make that list. Not even close. Now, this is a personal opinion, soplease take it with a grain of salt, but please, read on. Guatemala is “known”for its corn tortillas. These incredibly complex culinary...
18 Mar 2012
Tulane & Emory putting the finishing touches on their mural in Chaquijyá! For more project updates visit our Spring break tabs by college above!
08 Mar 2012
“You think we’re victims, because we cover our hair and wear modest clothing. But we think that it’s Western women who are repressed, because they have to show their bodies–even go through surgery to change their bodies–to please men.” - A female Saudi doctor interviewed in Half the Sky. (A pertinent, yet off topic, quote stolen from Megan Gokey. Today is International Women's Day (IWD). For the occasion I had the...
12 Feb 2012
New neighborhood, new schoolhouse. Guadelupana, Chaquijyá's newest caserio is renting out a house until they can find a space to build a new school. beta
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