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09 Jan 2012
The Manna Guatemalateam is back in business! After three relaxing weeks at home with our familiesfor the holidays, we recently returned to our beautiful home in Sololá.Fortunately, Oliver, our flea-ridden cat had survived the holiday season aswell. In fact, Santa dropped off a couple gifts for Oliver at the Rothhousehold, so all is well. School will be starting soon, and we are veryexcited to begin our transition...
05 Dec 2011
"On International Volunteer Day, we recognize the dedication of volunteers, their admirable spirit of service, and their wide-ranging efforts to promote the goals of the United Nations. With the world population having surpassed seven billion this year, we must tap every person’s potential to help others. Everyone can make a difference. Volunteering matters." - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonPhoto Credit: Benjamin...
30 Nov 2011
Afterblabbing away about how excited I was to go to the beach last weekend, myfather mentioned that he had been under the impression that I was doingvolunteer work in Guatemala. “Duh, I am Dad but that’s on the weekdays,” was myquick retort. For me, one of the best parts about living and working in anothercountry for a year is the opportunity to travel around and explore this newarea. We actually end up traveling on...
20 Nov 2011
Environmental Day at summer camp!Our partner org, AMSCLAE, giving their presentation! Josue & Jaime showing off their new plants!
18 Nov 2011
Exhibit A Whilestudents in the US are gearing up for the final push until the winter holidays,MPI Guatemala has commenced summer camp. This is the second year of summercamp, which runs three mornings a week for 5 weeks.  With only 2 PDs and a Country Director, the weeks leading upto camp were a flurry of successful recruitment that produced: Brendan, our newmonth-long housemate; and Roberto, a Guatemalan...
15 Nov 2011
On November 6th, Otto Perez Molina of the Mano Duro Party was elected the new president of Guatemala. As the already unstable government prepares to turn over a new leaf, many wonder what changes lie ahead for this crime-ridden country. Today's blog comes to you from Brendan Crow, a month-long volunteer that's helping us run our summer camp program. _______________________________ What's different about General Otto...
13 Nov 2011
Our summer camp theme this year is ecosystems: deserts, rainforests, urban, ocean and tundra. Each week we will "travel" to a new one! Week one of summer camp: Check!Making binoculars in art!Quicksand in science! Treasure Hunt!Any guesses as to which ecosystem we did first?
04 Nov 2011
As promised, here is one of the plans drawn up by our architect for our bottle school project! Pretty cool, eh?
16 Oct 2011
All kids should know how to do the chicken dance. So we taught them!Photo Credit: Dana Zichlin
12 Oct 2011
Picture this, but in our house, with a trashcan underneath. Start collecting wood,hammers and nails. We’re going to build an ark. The rain, which has been comingdown for the past 40 days (more like 12 hours), has confined us to our house inSololá. Look out the window and you will see, well, nothing. Living at approximately6,500 feet has encased us in a milky white cloud, limiting our vision to theoutside world to...
06 Oct 2011
The Guatemalan school year runs from January through October, which means that this is our last week teaching in the schools until January. When we, the new group of PDs, began running English programs, we did so more than halfway through the Guatemalan school year. And while we’ve only run these programs for a few short months, the semester’s end provides a valuable opportunity for reflection and evaluation. Though...
04 Sep 2011
Impeccable formPhoto Credit: Andrew Tonn
21 Aug 2011
Aren't chickens with sweatbands the best way to get people to vote for you? Welcome to election season in Guatemala! Photo Credit: Dana Zichlin
19 Aug 2011
Last week we were asked to participate in a parade with one of our schools. You may know this already, but you should never say no to such a request. Walking towards the school we could hear the whistles of parade practice from the highway. When we arrived, we were greeted by a sea of rectangular cardboard cutouts, disinterested teenagers, and eardrum-rupturing marimba music. Celso, one of the third grade teachers,...
14 Aug 2011
Cameron and Willy gettin' down at the Sololá parade.. explanation to come. Photo Credit: Dana Zichlin
05 Aug 2011
This week I gave the last test I'll give before I leave Guatemala. When I arrived thirteen months ago, I'd never taught a class in my life. "I'm not qualified," I reasoned. And I wasn't. But that cut at the intersection of our most important principle: letting Chaquijyá dictate what kind of work we provide. It's critical that we're conscious of our skills and weaknesses, and our preference is to place Program...
31 Jul 2011
Down the line...Credit: Jared Stepp
24 Jul 2011
Oh that ice cream?  Ya, you can get eight of those for a dollar.Credit: Jared Stepp
17 Jul 2011
Boys will be...Credit: Jared Stepp
03 Jul 2011
Best summer volunteers ever! We miss you all already! Photo Credit: Dana Zichlin Photo Credit: Kati Turner beta
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