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06 May 2010
If you have not already heard, the Guatemala final feasibility trip report has been green-lighted by the Manna Board of Directors and we will be moving forward with MPI Guatemala!  This will be Manna's third international site, after Nicaragua and Ecuador.  Big moves for the organization and myself. On the list of exciting things, we have found a wonderful co-country director for our first year's work in...
30 Mar 2010
I am now enjoying a lovely Passover week here in New Jersey, waiting patiently to hear the Manna board's final decision.  It would have been really hard to be in Guatemala for Passover since I don't think it's possible to go one week without eating a tortilla. So now we wait... It's like applying to Colleges all over again, except this time I only have to wait 2 weeks. When I hear, you will be the first to know...
15 Mar 2010
Since we decided to focus our efforts solely on Chaquijyá, we've been spending the majority of our time in Sololá due to the proximity.  Our site lies only about 30 minutes northwest of Sololá.  Great news in terms of hospital access, grocery needs, etc.  This week we met with various people who helped us out on the logistical side.. finding a house, safety precautions, cultural sensitivity ... beta
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