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Mayan Families is a small non-profit group operating in the Highlands of Guatemala. We live and work in the Lake Atitlan region.

We operate a variety of programs as a comprehensive approach to give a hand up to needy Maya people and the communities in which they live. The work of Mayan Families is supported completely through donations, which are tax deductible in the U.S.

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30 Mar 2011
Alberta Quijeu needs a bed Alberta Quijeu is 70 years old.  She lives with her grown son, who is an alcoholic.  The one-room house they share has very little besides a bed, a few chairs, and a water filter.  Unfortunately for Alberta, she is forced by her son to sleep on the ground with nothing but a reed mat for padding, while he sleeps in the bed.  When her son is sober enough to work, he...
28 Mar 2011
This family was very thrilled to receive a water filter. These filters will give clean drinking water for one whole year. If you would like to give the gift of clean drinking water it is $50 US to give the gift of clean, safe , drinking water for one year to a family. Please go to our website
28 Mar 2011
We are so grateful to Global Health Missions for spending time today at the Mayan Families Pre-school in Panajachel today. They checked all the childrens' lungs, hearts, ears, throats etc..... and gave each child anti parasite and deworming medicine. This will make a big difference to their health for the next 6 months! Thank you once again to Ingrid and Ben for all their hard work today! Carlos, once again, did a...
28 Mar 2011
Global Health Missions have been busy today. They visited the Elderly Care program in San Jorge la Laguna. Distributing medications and looking after the needs of the Elderly. The women there were very grateful to have this attention. Thank you Ingrid and Ben for all your hard work. To see more photos please go to this link.
28 Mar 2011
Marcela Coh Samines is 87 years old.  She lives alone in a house owned by her only surviving child.  This little home consists of two small rooms--one a kitchen, and the other what passes for a bedroom.  Sadly, this second room contains no bed.  Instead, Marcela sleeps on a thin grass mat on the floor.  Until we gave her two more blankets that had been donated, she had only two blankets to...
26 Mar 2011
Family of 6 Need Help Overcoming Hardship Marta, who can walk now with the crutchesborrowed from Mayan Families.8 months ago, about the same time that 40 year old Marta gave birth to her fourth child, she discovered a lump growing close to her left knee. She and her husband, Jose, struggle to support their family on the small salary Jose earns working in the fields as a day laborer.  He earns about $4....
25 Mar 2011
Yesterday afternoon, tragedy struck in Patanatic. A very large family that we have several children sponsored in, including 6 children who are orphaned being raised by their aunt...had very little to eat. They were very happy to have a woman pass by selling herbs .....they grandmother bought them for the children for lunch. The grandmother left the herbs with her daughter in law to prepare, she went off work...
24 Mar 2011
These two boys were lucky to be sponsored recently. As you can tell from their big smiles they are very happy to have new shoes to go to school and all their supplies!We have many children waiting to be sponsored. If you would like to sponsor a child and brighten their lives like is just $180 US per year to send a child to elementary school, $380 for jnr. high and $480 for High school. Please go to our...
24 Mar 2011
Lisbeth Isabel needs a sponsor to go to pre-school/feeding program in Tierra Linda.  It is $180 US to send Lisbeth to school this year and to make sure that for five mornings a week she has a hot meal, brushes her teeth, takes a vitamin tablet and gets a head start to go to school. Lisbeth was born on May 17th, 2008.She attending the Mayan Families Pre-School in Tierra Linda in...
24 Mar 2011
Yesterday was chicken day at Mayan Families!Many sponsors have sent chickens to their sponsored students and their families.These chickens are already laying eggs, usually we have a few left a the office while the chickens are waiting to go to their new homes. Each family also receives a big bag of chicken food to help them get a head start. We also give instructions to the family as to how to care for the...
24 Mar 2011
Hi, I think that many of you will remember Chabeli.  She lives in Tierra Linda and she sells fruit and vegetables in the market.  She was very ill after a hysterectomy and we had to rush her to Antigua several years ago for treatment. Chabeli had a micro loan that she took out nearly a year ago and has only managed to make 3 payments on it.Yesterday we called her in to talk about this and when she would be...
22 Mar 2011 beta
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