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GoMedii is All-in-One integrated Technology platform which helps to better manage chronic illnesses, prescription management & creates a continuum of care with a patient centric approach under the supervision of Doctor & healthcare experts. The Technology platform enables various stakeholders (Patients, Doctor, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Healthcare experts) to work as a unit for a better patient outcome with 1 stop solution of medicines, lab services, nutrition advice & products, Lifestyle coaching, and clinical counseling. GoMedii platform also enables the Doctor to overview a larger section of his patients.

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31 Mar 2020
Symptoms of Heart attack: Severe pain in upper body: Pain in neck, back, teeth, arms and tendon is a symptom of heart attack. This is called 'radiating' pain. The reason for it being here is the end of many arteries of the heart. Dizziness: Dizziness or vertigo is another symptom of heart attack. It is caused by a blockage in one of the veins in the heart. Chest pain: Chest pain is also a symptom of heart attack....
27 Mar 2020
What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a type of natural hormone that is secreted in our body. Melatonin maintains biological clock. The hormone called melatonin is controlled by a man's sleep-wake cycle. In simple words, we can say that melatonin tells that it is time for us to sleep. These hormones are also found in the form of medicines. However, this medicine is not available in India without consulting a doctor....
04 Oct 2019
To protect yourself and the people you love, alongside recognizing these signs, you should work towards learning and reducing your risk factors. Set some healthy goals such as: Eat healthy, nutrient-enriched, low-fat foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid trans fats. Exercise on a regular basis. If you are recovering from a stroke, talk to your healthcare provider and rehabilitation team for a list...
23 Sep 2019
In a developing country like India, there is a big percentage of women who are fighting for their basic problems, their basic health need. Here we going to explore the most common health issues that women face today not only in India but all over the world. Breast Cancer: Breast and cervical cancers are the two of the most common cancers which are affecting women, it is one of the most common health issues that...
24 Jun 2019
Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you had no teeth? If you do not take care of these white pearls, you do not have to wait long to see what you would look like if you were an edentulous adult. A dentist provides several tips on how to maintain healthy teeth. Healthy teeth require lifelong care. Even though you have been told that you have beautiful teeth, it is important to take the right steps...
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