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Encuentre ONGs por región o por tipo de apoyo. Aumente su red de contactos al registrar su ONG
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Vea oportunidadesde trabajo y voluntariado en Guatemala o promocione las de su organizacion
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Jornadas Médicas

Noticias de ayuda médica. Fechas y lugares de jornadas, hospitales, y clínicas gratuítas.
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Noticias y Blogs sobre el Apoyo en Guatemala


Presentando weGuatemala.org

Bienvenida a la página principal de los ONGs y la ayuda internacional en Guatemala. Si usted trabaja para una organización pequeña, ONG grande, clínica médica, o cualquier otro grupo que trabaja para cambiar el país de Guatemala, añadir su organización a la página! Utilice weGuatemala.org para conectar su causa al mundo, encontrar voluntarios, y trabajar en equipo con otras organizaciones con...

Paradigma Sistem Pendidikan Islam

Sistem pendidikan merupakan salah satu bentuk proses pembelajaran yang menuntut berbagai prasyarat keberlangsungan serta tercapainya sasaran yang diinginkan, sementara guru adalah merupakan titik sentral dalam mekanisme proses belajar-mengajar dalam sistem pendidikan itu. Dalam Islam, guru, selain berperan mentransfer ilmu pengetahuan terhadap anak didik (ta’lim), sekaligus juga harus mampu memberi...

Top 8 Skype Alternatives

Skype is one of the cheapest VoIP services available, and it offers subscriptions with unlimited minutes. For a long time, Skype was the world leader in VoIP apps, so popular that most people won't know what VoIP means but will use the verb “skyping”. With complaints of calls being cut, low quality picture and sound plus a general distrust for Microsoft as a company, Skype is slowly losing its appeal...

Hajj (Ibadah Haji)

Walimah Shafar (A Tradition That Brings Motivation). Hajj is the last or 6th pillar of Islam for a lot of Muslims. Running the Hajj is an obligation that must be implemented, but this obligation is supported by the conditions for many who have been able to implement it. Being able to carry out in this regard has the ability to of journeying from the foundation of the residence to the Grand Mosque in...

Pilih apartemen dengan lokasi yang strategis

Usahakan mencari Apartemen yg enteng dijangkau lokasinya seperti apartemen casagranderesidence jakarta selatan yang terintegrasi serentak dengan LRT. Bila kamu memiliki fulus yg lebih ada baiknya membeli dengan cara kontan selanjutnya Datanglah lebih awal dalam masa launching atau pre-launching guna memperoleh kesempatan memilih unit yang paling baik dan pada melaksanakan pelantikan lebih perdana...

Pogo Game Technical Support Number 877-242-8594 | Pogo Customer Support

Looking for Pogo Customer Service Phone Number to resolve Pogo Game errors? Call at Pogo Support Phone Number +1-877-242-8594 and get support by certified technical experts. Pogo games are popular on the Internet and is accessible portable to all age groups. Gamester can play their favorite games without restriction. With the largest collection of interactive games in the world, POGO continue to add...

Make a fine tune up with a tech professionals In USA & Canada

Blog: Yahoo Help Desk Support Phone
Smooth communication is the desire of the various users regardless they are a common or technical professional. If you would like to stay connected to gang of the various professional, you would have to consider invincible conversation channel. The attribute and function of this web mail service should not be static in nature. With the high devotion in time and looking some application to do their...

Make Your Loved Ones Happy With Mouthwatering Cakes

Blog: Order Cake Online
Cakes are always everyone’s favorite; there would hardly anyone exist who doesn’t like cakes. One of the best ways to treat your beloveds on special day or even for converting a normal day into a special day cake holds the immense role. Whether there is an occasion of baby shower in your family, your friend’s birthday or your colleague’s retirement party cake justifies every moment of life. You can...

Mass in memory of Fr. Thomas Goekler

Blog: Walking for Peace (Caminando por la Paz)
This month We will have a mass remebering Fr. Thomas Goekler who was the founder of our NGO here in Guatemala. You are so invited to our activities and get involve with God in a spiritual moment. For more information, please write me to tell how can you do!

Superb Approaches for Building Moving House Tension-free

Blog: Packers and Movers Mumbai for Home & Office Shifting | Planyourmove.in
Packers and movers Mumbai # http://www.planyourmove.in/packers-and-movers-in-mumbai.html Packers and movers Hyderabad # http://www.planyourmove.in/packers-and-movers-in-hyderabad.html Accumulating needs in order to complete every day program isn't complex, however the matters that raises problem with merchandise it's time with shifting. When you prefer to adjust while using the items that you possess...
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