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The lastest Runescape offical news post reveals the updated information on RS3 bank improvements. Read details below with Up to 50% off cheap runescape gold to learn what change for bank!In the meantime, let's take a look at the new Bank interface!

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1. A new tab scroll arrow

Now able to offer you 15 bank tabs (in the current game give you nine tabs)!

2. Bank button additions

From top to bottom, left to right (new changes are bolded):
The new tab button is now located here, freeing up a Bank tab slot. To use it, simply drag an item to this button to create a new tab.
The placeholder button (ironically the art for this currently is a placeholder!). If this is ticked, any items withdrawn will leave a stack count of 0 behind to retain the position in your bank.
The note withdrawal mode button has had a slight transparency tweak. When inactive it'll be faded so players will know they're currently withdrawing items without them being noted.
The bank pin button (no change).
Diango's holiday item and outfit retrieval (no change).
Player Owned House costume room (no change)
The Bank Presets option. This used to be a bigger button on the main bank interface, but now resides behind the cog button icon.
The worn equipment statistics window used to be hidden behind the 'worn icon' button. Now it can be opened by clicking the skills icon tab.
The backpack button deposits all of your backpack items (no change).
The worn items button deposits all of your worn items (no change).
The familiar button will deposit your beast of burden inventory into your bank (no change).
And finally, the money pouch button will deposit your money pouch into your bank (no change).
Plus, there's a new default number to move window. Similar to the Old School RuneScape's 'quantity' bank option, you can withdraw/deposit the listed quantities with a left click. However, if you need a custom value, you can set that via the 'x' option.

3. Integrating the backpack/worn/beast of burden/preset buttons into one area, in addition to adding your Coin Pouch amount into this window.
Now instead of having to click on the worn icon to get to your worn equipment, you'll be able to click on the tab in the window. The beast of burden button is hidden to make clear to the player that they currently don't have a beast of burden active. Note: Withdrawing with the worn tab in focus will try and wear the item without needing to drag the item to the slot or right click!

4. A filter option

On clicking the dropdown, three options will appear that can apply the following filters:
Show Junk - Shows all items that may be worth cleaning up (these are items that can be stored with Diango).
Show member items - Show all items flagged as 'members only'.
Show non-member items - Show all items flagged as 'free to play'.
Note: This makes future filters easier to add as well .

5. Dynamic searching

Pressing the search button in the current Bank gives you a box prompt. If you're trying to type fast or are switching between items, there's a noticeable delay. This update will introduce a dynamic search box that instantly responds, offering a far smoother experience.

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