DIY Escape Room Ideas from 1987 Studio

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50 per cent of the teams who have taken on the van have escaped, and all of our reviews so far are diy escape room, as the game is a challenging but fun experience. And Escape The Van claims to be the only mobile escape room in the UK offering a full one hour escape experience for individual bookings on players’ doorsteps, as it can operate from any location with legal parking.
With the increasing popularity of the room and new technology available on campus, the possibilities of escape rooms on campus are seemingly endless. Escape The Van is a full escape room experience based in a converted box van, giving players one hour to crack its puzzles and challenges to work out the code to freedom.

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The game, titled ‘The Experiment’, takes groups into a ‘Further Analysis Kinaesthetic Experiment’ (FAKE) laboratory for a voluntary medical experiment, but as the door locks and the lab’s acronym becomes clear, teams are put to the test to find a way out. Greg left his career as a civil engineer to launch Escape The Van.
I’m really proud of what has been achieved.I think the current escape time can and will be beaten, so I throw the challenge out there to anyone who thinks they can escape the van! . It was really fun! I had never done this before,” Kathy said. 1987 studio talk about a creative business adventure! And how satisfying to know you’ve created spaces where people have fun being challenged and can make like Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes … 1987 Studio provides many escape room puzzle for sale. 

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I’m not writing this from a cell block … because it was all a game. “At the outset, I thought we wouldn't need our hosts to give us the added clues they said they could provide,” Susan said. The clues, puzzles, codes and whatnot will be changed every few months to keep things fresh - and rooms will change as time goes on .
Why? Because we made one fatal mistake: We forgot about the hidden alarm that sealed the doors to the room. Well, not in the museum heist room, anyway … There are three other escape rooms - the pirate ship, the bait room, and to be completed at the end of this month … Cleopatra’s Tomb! 

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