How to fix HP Printer Error 79?

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HP Printers is one of the renowned brands in the market that offers stylish, affordable and high quality services which barely gets stuck with the errors. Every home and office requires unparalleled print quality, reliability, efficiency and value products. HP offers versatility products which ease with the creative projects to quality text from Smartphone to Tablets.

One of the most annoying moments occurs when a Printer displays an Error message and you don’t know what to do next. We have a HP Printer support phone number and by the time you get connected to us, follow these steps which will help you to resolve error 79. But first let’s find out the causes behind error 79.

Why error 79 occurs?

It is a very common error with HP Printers. The most common reason for this error is due to uninstalling the programs and installing the new ones or accidental deletion of various important files. To avoid these error messages make sure to scan your device every then and now and ensure that the files are at it place of appearing.

Solutions to Error 79

If there are errors, there are solutions. Here are some steps to fix error 79:

• Switch on and Off
• Firstly, switch off the printer
• Wait for minimum 30 to 40 seconds
• Now switch the power on again
• And wait for the printer to initialize

After following the above steps if the error 79 message persists on the display then follow this:

Disconnect the network, USB Cables and restart the printer and when the printer is ready to start, check the firmware version for update. If update is necessary then download the latest version available on HP Support page.

Re-install DIMM

You need to re-install the DIMM in your HP printer, follow the steps to perform the task:

• First of all switch off the printer once
• Remove the pre-installed DIMM
• Then re-install the DIMM until it properly fits
• Lastly, switch on the printer
• After performing the steps still the error message is displayed then:
• Perform a retest of the HP printer
• If printer is accessible then install a DIMM supported by the printer

Connect to HP Support

In case the error 79 message persists, please contact to the HP Support number we will assist and help you with the solution of the error 79 that is occurring again and again. Feel free to connect with us, we here to help you solve the query.


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