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I now see an exodus of PvPers from Star Wars : The Old Republicrecently. Of course, most of the top PvPers have left since they were bored or sick and tired of some system and other. But it can’t be stated that BioWare isn’t scheming to make improvements. But like all that BioWare does to this MMORPG, it’s a stride forward as well as steps back.
Let’s require a few moments to share with you the latest fumble.

BioWare yesterday announced a free-trial promotion with the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that will permit users to test out the game's 8 character classes, and level their avatars to some maximum of 15.

In addition to testing out the game's classes and traveling through their origin worlds, free-trial participants can combat with others inside the player-versus-player warzones, or work alongside players through flashpoints. There is no time limit for your game's free trial version.

The class stories are mission-driven and told through choices and cutscenes. As you develop your character through choices they create, there is consequences on that story. Your character will also gain their Force alignment (for non-Force users this can be considered ‘morality’) adjusted for the light, dark or neutral-alignment.

To provide you with a feel for how cutscenes and questing works, here’s the Jedi Consular story on the globe Tython. This was in this little Free-to-Play account so I have experimented with well-represent your experience in case you begin playing SWTOR.Each class gradually registers five companions as being the story progresses. Each has their very own story to inform and some can have missions they may drag you along for too. 

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