Abby ...has an eye problem.

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Mayan Families

6 y.o. Abby ;May Need a New Eye 6 year old Abby was born 3 months early.  She was tiny, weighing in at only 2lbs, and she was completely blind.  At three months old, doctors operated to correct the birth defect that was robbing her of her sight, and for almost a year she had vision in both eyes.  Unfortunately, after that year, Abby lost sight in her left eye, and it began to shrink.

Abby more recently, with her eye inflamed.When she was just two years old, doctors told her mother, Anna, that they needed to remove Abby's eye.  Anna was hesitant to subject Abby to another operation at such a young age, and, though her eye didn't look completely normal, it didn't cause her any pain.  Anna decided against the operation, and Abby lived comfortably for several years, until a few months ago.  Her eye became irritated and inflamed, and it has been causing her pain.  Anna took her back to the hospital, where they were told again that Abby would need surgery to remove the eye, as well as tests to check for kidney problems.  Abby's mom, who just lost her steady job cleaning in an apartment complex, hasn't been able to pay for either the surgery or the kidney tests.  We would like to send Abby for a second opinion at a private eye clinic, to be sure that removing her eye is the only option.  This clinic gives Mayan Families patients a reduced rate, and we could have Abby examined for just $40, to ensure the surgery is necessary.

Abby last year, before her latest eye troubles.Abby is the youngest of three children.  She lives with her mom, her grandmother, and her older sister (11) and brother (10).  Abby's dad left for the United States intending to send money home, but he has started a new family in the US and no longer supports Abby or her siblings.  Her mother earns all she can working as a domestic in private homes, but it's all she can do to provide for her children's basic needs.  Without help, she won't be able to get Abby the second opinion or the surgery.  If you would like to help Anna get her daughter the medical care she deserves, you can do so by going to Donate Now, and entering your donation in the 'Other' box, with '#1211 medical' in the description. beta
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