Baby in Urgent Need

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Mayan Families

This baby boy was born on September 17th.....his name is 
Aristides .....the same as his father. He is the 11th child to be born into this family.The father works in the market carrying heavy loads for customers.He does not have a fixed salary, it just depends on how much he earns in tips.Some days he earns $5, some days $6 and if he is lucky, $7 a day.Little Aristides weighed 4 1/2 lbs when he was born. He is not premature. He has problems with his kidneys...they do not seem like they are functioning properly  and his intestines appear to be damaged.   He also seems like he has jaundice. Little Aristides is a fighter but he needs help. The hospital required several examinations that the father borrowed money to be able to do the examinations. The father has already given the bank the papers for his land and house.  There is no way he can now borrow more money without these papers. But Aristides still needs one more examination. He has to go to the city by ambulance . He needs a exam his blood vessels and circulation it seems to be .  They are trying to find out what is causing the problems that he is having and they do not have much time. Little Aristide is losing weight.Little Aristides needs $350 to pay for the test and for transportation. We need to get him help as soon as we can. If you can help with just a little to make this examination possible. and note that it is for Baby  Aristides. Sharon Smart-Poage
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