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Mayan Families
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Many of the children of Panajachel have received wonderful dental care during the last two weeks.
Thanks to a collaboration with Global Dental Expeditions, the local town Municipality and Mayan Families... over 1,000 children were able to receive fluoride, sealant, cleanings, fillings and extractions.  They also received educational instruction on how to look after their teeth and the importance of taking care of their teeth. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers of Global Dental Expeditions, the collaboration of the local council in providing a location, a generator, chairs, tables and two very efficient and helpful staff members who stayed with the group all week...Mayan Families was able to facilitate this clinic and make arrangements to have the children from the local schools receive this great gift of dental care. Thanks to the kind and caring hearts of these dentists, one young girl who had to have 8 permanent teeth removed is now receiving follow up care from a local dentist ...who will be able to replace the teeth she has lost with false teeth, thanks to the generosity of the dentists from Global Dental Expeditions!Sharon Smart-Poage
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