Jesus 22 years old is in desperate need of help

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Mayan Families
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Last night we received an urgent phone call about help for this family.
Jesus is 22 years old. ...last week he had collapsed and was sent to the hospital in Solola. ...he is diabetic and could not afford the much needed medication. He was released from hospital after being stabilized and sent home.  Last night he started convulsing and became unconscious.  
His mother, who is shown in this photo, anxiously waiting for the ambulance to arrive, is also diabetic and in poor health.
18 months ago this family lost the oldest brother from very similar conditions that Jesus is suffering from.  They could not afford medical care for him ...and he died. The family is now terrified that this may happen to Jesus. 
This morning they need to be able to buy medicine and do tests for him. Jesus's father is a fisherman and he does not make very much money at all. It is barely enough to keep the family fed.  He has two younger children who are still in school and it is very hard for them to even manage to keep them in school. 
Jesus was told last week that he needs to have a Electroencefalograma examination of his head and he needs to have a test for his pancreas as well. We need $300 US. to be able to pay for the insulin that he needs and get these tests done. If you can possibly help with even the smallest amount, it will mean a great deal to this family that has already suffered a terrible loss and are dealing now with the fear of losing their other son.Please send your donation to and mark it for FA #335. Any help would be so appreciated.Sharon beta
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