Juan, our construction manager...loses his baby daughter Tuesday morning

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Mayan Families
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Sadly, Juan , our construction manager, who many of you will have met when you came  to do stoves and build houses, lost his baby girl this morning.
Juan was out with  a group installing stoves in San Antonio Palopo when we got the call that the baby was dying or dead....it was a confusing phone call....
we grabbed Dr . Louis de Pena and jumped in the car for the 5 minute drive to Juan's house.  

Juan had driven quickly back from San Antonio...I can't imagine what that drive was like for him.

When we arrived at the house there were about 4 women there who were sisters and an aunt of the mother, they were all wailing. Juan had just arrived.
Dr. Louis de Pena immediately tried to find a heartbeat and then started mouth to mouth on the baby.   He motioned to me that the baby was gone but he continued to try to resuscitate her.
Juan's oldest daughter, Mirsa, 9 years old was devastated. She was sobbing and she felt responsible as she was the one who carried the baby most of the time.

Juan had taken her to a clinic this morning  ( not the Mayan Families clinic ...this was much earlier than we open)  and they gave her medicine for a bacterial infection but the mother said that she started vomiting and then died.  An aunt revived her briefly by blowing in her mouth , the baby opened her eyes...and then she died and they could not revive her.

This was Juan's 5th child. 

At Mayan Families we are all shocked and saddened.
This afternoon the Mayan Families crew was to play soccer against one of the groups we have here....Juan, who loves soccer would have been one of the best players.
It is a much different day than we had planned.

We  have a white bow on the gate at the Mayan Families door.  Sadly, this signifies the death of a baby.

We have called the funeral home and arranged for a small white coffin to be delivered.
One of the spiritual leaders of the Mayan community has arrived and is washing the baby.....Sue Cudd, this is Catarina, the mother of your sponsored student.
The mother has chosen an outfit for her to put on.  Just yesterday we sent home some baby clothes for her.
We have loaned chairs and tables and sent down coffee, sugar and sweet bread.
Soon lots of people will be gathering and supporting the family to keep the long overnight vigil till the baby is buried tomorrow.
She would have been 4 months old on the 11 of this month.
A very sad day for all of us here.

Sharon Smart-Poage
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