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Mayan Families

Sabina A0051, lives in a house made of adobe with a dirt floor. She does not even have a proper bed, she sleeps on a piece of cardboard laid over the coils of an old metal frame. She has no water in her house and must carry water from the community pump. Because of her advanced age and declining health, she is no longer able to work and cannot support herself.

Sabina will be spending her Christmas like she spends every day, alone in her dark home, sleeping on cardboard. Then a few days later on December 28th, she will spend her 75th birthday doing the same.
Sabina has many needs including: a water filter, food, blankets, a pila, and medicine. However her biggest need right now is a proper bed, mattress, and a pillow. We would love to be able to provide her with a bed so that she has somewhere comfortable to sleep for Christmas and her birthday this year. Sabina is also available for sponsorship for our Elderly Care Program, to ensure that she is able to receive a hot, nutritious meal every day.
If you are interested in donating a bed to Sabina as a life-changing Christmas or Birthday present you can go to our donation page and choose to send a gift, using Sabina's id number A0051.
If you are intersted in sponsoring Sabina for our Elderly Care Program you can go to our donation page and you will find Sabina under our "Sponsor an Elderly Person" tab. beta
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