Sad news about Ponciana in Guatemala

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Sadly , I have to tell you that Ponciana passed away an hour ago. 
Ponciana is the woman in her late 30's, mother to 4 children....when we found her two years ago, she had a gangerous tumor on her foot...we amputated her leg above the knee...she was the happiest person to have her leg removed....she said that the children and family could not eat with her because the smell had been so bad but now they could eat together again.At first, the news was very positive...Ponciana did very well with the chemo...though she hated losing her hair...then just when it seemed that she would be o.k. ....the cancer went into her lungs...the chemo slowed it but eventually could not stop it.The funny thing is this morning when I woke up ...I thought about Ponciana and was concerned that she did not have enough food....I was going to check today that she was o.k. we will make sure that her family has enough food to help them get through this .She has such young is only about 5 years old..and another girl who is about 10 years old.Ponciana was an inspiration to me...she smiled through everything that happened to her...she had a beautiful smile.  I remember watching her husband carry her on his back up the hill to their house, through the cornfields.  He told her that he didn't care about having her leg amputated, that he loved her not her leg. Sharon Smart-Poage
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