Thanks for the life of one very special little girl.

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Today is two years since 8 year old Gabby Lewis had the terrible car accident that took her life and changed forever the lives of her parents, Shane, Becky and her little brother, Tucker. 
I have followed Becky's posts on facebook and sometimes here in our group and I am always amazed at her courage, honesty and how much she has inspired so many.  Many of us have grieved along with her, dreading to even imagine the kind of horrendous pain that she and her family have gone through.   
Another dear member of this group, Becky also lost her beloved son , Travis about two years earlier .   Both these mothers have shown me what it is to live with courage and to cope with unending pain and to go on living their lives and looking after their families. 
Today , if I was Becky , I don't know what I would do .......... I think I would be consumed with my own pain and loss.      But today Becky got up , used her computer to send money to her sponsored family to be able to have a basket of food....she didn't say anything on her donation for this family ...but I know that it is done in honor of Gabby.   She can't feed her own daughter today but Becky is thinking about another woman's daughter.......a family that has become so fond of Becky and her family and so grateful for the help that she and Shane have given them,      Then we received  another payment from Becky....she is co sponsoring a little girl, Ana Lucrecia  in Tierra Linda...  .  Ana had received a co sponsorship from donations received from a fundraiser to honor Gabby. a few months ago... .....and today Becky took the other half of the co sponsorship in honor of Gabby. 
Today in Tierra Linda, children will be in the Gabby Lewis Memorial Library,. They will have books to read, puzzles to play with , they will have computers to do their homework...and they have a teacher to help them with their homework.   They have a comfortable loft to climb on, cushions to sit on, legos to play with ....and from the wall is a beautiful photo of Gabby, smiling down on them.     
We are so grateful for the this library....we just wish it had not come because Gabby is no longer with her family.
Becky Hilfer and her family gave water filters in honor of Travis.    I still see these water filters and they have Travis's name printed on them.  I think of Becky and her family every time I see one. 
I am humbled to know such incredible loving, giving women ...who in the face of their own heart breaking tragedies manage to go on ....and while doing so ...think and care about others. 
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