Today is Children's Day in Guatemala!

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Mayan Families

Today is a celebration in all schools for children in Guatemala!  It is a fun day!
This year we are not celebrating Children's Day in our pre schools until tomorrow.This is because the pre schools were closed last week for vacation..and they re opened it took an extra day for the teachers to get organized.
We would like to celebrate at each pre school with chuchitos, a drink of horchata, and jello ...........and a gift!

  • Chuchitos ("small dogs") are a very typical kind of Guatemalan tamale made using the same corn masa as a regular tamale but they are smaller, have a much firmer consistency and are wrapped in a tuzas (dried corn husks) instead of plantain leaves. Chuchitos are often accompanied by a simple tomato salsa and sprinkled with a hard, salty white cheese traditional from the Zacapa region. Chuchitos are a very common and are commonly served at luncheons, dinners and celebrations. )   Chuchitos are very delicious...they are delivered wrapped in leaves and steaming.. in a basket.kept warm by layers of plastic and cloth over the chuchitos. 

horchata .... Horchata varies in taste across Latin America. Although the drinks may share the same name, the flavor of each is unique to its country of origin.While in some countries the drink is usually tan and "milky", some recipes call for milk, and others do not. Other ingredients often include sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Though horchata was once typically homemade, it is now available in both ready-to-drink (shelf-stable or refrigerated) and powdered form in grocery stores. Horchata, together with tamarindo and jamaica, are the three typical drink flavors of Mexican agua frescas.

  • In Mexico and Guatemala, horchata is made of rice, sometimes with vanilla and always with cinnamon.
  • The children will also receive jello ...which we make in little bags and the children tear a hole in the little plastic bag and the children tear a corner in the bag and suck the jello through that.
  • We will also be giving the children a gift of a stuffed animal...a beanie baby...thank you to everyone who has sent us toys and beanie babies that we are able to do this!

As it is for many people, money is very tight for us..   We need help .to be able to do these celebrations. We need to be able to have some extra  funds for the celebrations for the children.This food not only will fill the tummies for these children for one day  but it will also give paid work to the women who we order the chuchitos  from and who will take the all  day to make them.
If you would like to help us to give the children a celebration are the amounts that we need for each pre school.Chukumuk Pre school   ( Santiago. )There are 70 children and you can provide this fiesta and food for these children for $85 US.    They are hoping to have their party on Thursday. October 3rd at  
El Barranco pre school. 
There are 35 children. The  fiesta and food for them will cost $45 US. 
San Andres pre school. There are 40 children . The fiesta and food  there will cost  $55 US. 

San Antonio Pre school. There are 65 children in this pre school. The fiesta will cost $75 US.
San Jorge pre school. 
There are 65 children in the pre school in San Jorge. The fiesta and food will cost $80 US. 
Tierra Linda pre school 
There are 70 children in the pre school and 41 students in the jnr. high...which is all in the same building.This brings a total of 111 students...The cost is $126 US.   
These costs provide all the food, drink, bags for the jello, napkins and transportation to get the items to the pre schools. 
If you would like to donate this gift for the children in honor of someone special...we will be happy to have a sign made with that person's name and the children from one of the pre schools holding the sign ...( you can nominate the pre school ) .....
To provide a pinata and candy to the pre school , it is an extra  $25 US. 
To donate , please go to this link and in the notes section, put in the name of the pre school that you would like to help.  Any amount will help towards making this celebration for the children. 
The google art for today in Guatemala is very cute.  I tried to copy it but it doesn't come out...the two oo's in google have been replaced with two children, a boy and girl in traditional is very sweet. 
Sharon Smart-Poage
MAYAN FAMILIESa registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity 


Children's day being celebrated here, its one of the things which cannot be seen that likely, have helped me getting through this epic source, I'm so happy to have it here.


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