Young Woman in Tierra Linda

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Just as we were getting ready to finish for the afternoon today...I got the message about a young woman, 20 years old, who had drank poison in Tierra Linda.  
She did this on Thursday ...trying to escape a situation where she had become involved with a married man...when she wanted to break off with her...he threatened to tell about their affair on the internet...( the double edged sword of the internet!!) seeing no way out and fearing this terrible humiliation she did what others have done to take their lives....she drank poison that is used on the crops.   From what I have been told, they took her to the local hospital but they refused to take her in...( I am not sure about the details of this or why they refused...maybe they didn't feel they had the way to treat her)...and the parents then took her to a private clinic...she spent two nights there and the bill for them came to $300 .....and they just could not afford to keep her there any longer. they have taken her home.
One of the members of the school committee called late this afternoon to tell us that this young woman is suffering terribly, that her mouth is going purple, she is in a lot of pain ....and she can barely swallow any liquids. We will be sending the doctor to see her tomorrow...and we will be finding out from the private clinic what kind of treatment that they gave her and what they recommend that we can do with her now.
Such a terrible shame that this young girl felt the need to take such drastic action......unfortunately, she is only one of many young women who have felt there was no other way for them...and drank poison. I can't even imagine how terrible this must be. beta
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