Moisture prevention of wooden flooring to lay a good foundation

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Material pavement lay damp proof foundation
Want to avoid the complex moisture work in the decoration of the rational choice of materials and paving will be able to lay the foundation for the first round of our high-density wood flooring substrate has good moisture resistance,[url=]Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler[/url]
but also a lower water absorption Thickness expansion rate, at the same time, the outer layer of wear-resistant layer, [url=]wpc composite decking hollow core[/url]

decorative paper, etc. can be a good plate and air isolation, play a waterproof role.
At the same time, during the renovation of the floor pavement environment and paving methods will have a certain impact on the moisture after the installation of the best choice for sunny and well ventilated weather to ensure that the ground moisture basically lost and after the floor pavement number There will be no rain in the days,[url=]dimensions on a 4x8 vinyl fence[/url]

the floor before storage in a dry environment for one to two days to ensure that the entire construction period of the environment dry.
Note the humidity and temperature adjustment
Summer hot weather, air conditioning has become one of the necessary refreshing appliances at home, and the use of time and manner of air conditioning will have a certain impact on the moisture-proof floor,[url=]wood composite 12x12[/url]

in the hot season, the floor tends to damp expansion phenomenon, therefore, Indoor use of air conditioners can be appropriate for dehumidification and cooling, but also should pay attention to avoid large air-conditioning before and after the temperature difference, so as not to shrink the wooden floor to keep the seam. beta
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