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Jornadas Médicas y servicios de salud publico en Guatemala. Consultas, crugías, clínicas y vacunación gratuito ó con bajo costo. Apoyo internaciónal y local.
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Clínica Permanente

Ami San Lucas

Ubicación: San Juan La Laguna, Sololá
Lake Atitlan + Chimaltenango
Medicina general, adultos y niños. El cobro es simbólico y es conforme a las condiciones económicas del paciente.
Ninguno está listado
Clínica Permanente

Asociación Casa del Niño (CANI)

Ubicación: Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez
Asociación Casa del Niño es una organización no gubernamental no lucrativa, apolítica que trabaja aspectos de educación, arte, cultura, deporte y recreación,...
Dental / Oral
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art & culture, recycling, Sports
Clínica Permanente

Asociacion de Servicios Sociales Cooperacion Alemana

Ubicación: Guatemala, Quetzaltenango
Xela + Western Highlands
Prestamos servicios de salud tales como; Tomografia Helicoidal, Medicina General, Farmacia, Optica, Ultrasonido, Electrocardiograma, Rayos X, Laboratorio Clinico,...
General, Dental / Oral, Optometry (eye)
Radiologia, Psicologia

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Bienvenida a la página principal de los ONGs y la ayuda internacional en Guatemala. Si usted trabaja para una organización pequeña, ONG grande, clínica médica, o cualquier otro grupo que trabaja para cambiar el país de Guatemala, añadir su organización a la página! Utilice para conectar su causa al mundo, encontrar voluntarios, y trabajar en equipo...

donaciones de riñones

Blog: donaciones de riñones
A un licenciado en contabilidad

donaciones de riñones

Blog: donaciones de riñones
A un licenciado en contabilidad

Paradigma Sistem Pendidikan Islam

Sistem pendidikan merupakan salah satu bentuk proses pembelajaran yang menuntut berbagai prasyarat keberlangsungan serta tercapainya sasaran yang diinginkan, sementara guru adalah merupakan titik sentral dalam mekanisme proses belajar-mengajar dalam sistem pendidikan itu. Dalam Islam, guru, selain berperan mentransfer ilmu pengetahuan terhadap anak didik (ta’lim),...

Hajj (Ibadah Haji)

Walimah Shafar (A Tradition That Brings Motivation). Hajj is the last or 6th pillar of Islam for a lot of Muslims. Running the Hajj is an obligation that must be implemented, but this obligation is supported by the conditions for many who have been able to implement it. Being able to carry out in this regard has the ability to of journeying from the foundation of the...

Nutrition in Guatemala: Access vs. Resources

Blog: Manna Project International
Guatemala is so beautiful - from the rolling hills and lakes, to the vibrant colored, diverse crops sold in the markets. The country seems to have it all. This reminds me how the majority of issues in Guatemala can be due to lack of access, not necessarily resources.  For example, when I walk through the market, here in Solola, I am amazed at all of...

Medical help urgently needed for 4 year old boy!

Medical help urgently needed for 4 year old boy! Mario is 4 years old. Today he was rushed to the hospital in Solola when a pot of boiling water was pushed onto him.Mario's father left him and his 4 siblings and went to live with another woman. His mother also left him and his siblings and went to live with another man.Mario and his two other young brothers are...

Change of address for sending checks

Change of address for sending checksPlease note that if you are one of our many donors who like to send us checks we have changed postal addresses for the USA! the new address is:Mayan FamiliesPO Box 653Tewksbury, MA 01876United States of America Don´t be concerned if you have a check that has been sent to our old address. These will be automatically forwarded...

Mayan Families Spring 2014 Newsletter

Here is the link: Greetings!Thank you for your continued support and partnership with Mayan Families.  2014...

Just a few hours left for a 2013 Tax deductible donation to Mayan Families!

Blog: Mayan Families
Dear Friends,We have just a few hours left before 2014 arrives.  That means there is still time for you to make a tax-deductible donation to Mayan Families before the New Year. Don’t miss this important deadline.  Please make a donation now!No matter the size – big or small – your gift will make a difference!On behalf of those we serve here in...

Mayan Families Year end giving

Blog: Mayan Families
As the clock winds down on 2013, you have just a few days left to make a tax-deductible gift to support Mayan Families and the crucial work we do here in rural Guatemala.Mayan Families End of Year Giving!

Mayan Families December Newsletter

Blog: Mayan Families
Mayan Families December Newsletter!  Click on the link below! 9743325/archive/1115919862261.html


Blog: Mayan Families
Sabina A0051, lives in a house made of adobe with a dirt floor. She does not even have a proper bed, she sleeps on a piece of cardboard laid over the coils of an old metal frame. She has no water in her house and must carry water from the community pump. Because of her advanced age and declining health, she is no longer able to work and cannot...

single mother needs medical help

Quetzaltenango quatemala DOCTOR NEEDED ASAP Young 30 year old single mother of 4 needs help with medical attention . She was diagnosed with ovarian cysts , but has a large family history of ovarian cancer that spread very quickly to wide spread canver. Her mother and 2 aunys have recently passed away because of improper medical treatment. She is leaving an abusive...

Mayan Families Holiday Gift Appeal!

Blog: Mayan Families
Mayan Families Holiday Gift Appeal! Please Share, Tweet, Post, Like and send it to everyone you know! Thank you!   In Guatemala, Christmas is celebrated in humble fashion; a dinner of tamales with family and close friends.  However, for a struggling Guatemalan... beta
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