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Organización de Caridad
, Sololá
14 Jul 2013 - 9:35pm
Dana Zichlin
5 - 10
Business / Fair Trade, Education / Schools, Economic Development

MPI ofrece la aldea de Chaquijyá, que consiste en cuatro barrios llamados Central, Cooperativa, Yaxon, y Xilbalbay. Aproximadamente a 130 kilómetros de la ciudad de Guatemala, la comunidad se encuentra dentro del departamento de Sololá, los más pobres de la quinta en el país. De los 6.000 habitantes en Chaquijyá, setenta y siete por ciento de la comunidad vive en la pobreza, y treinta y cuatro por ciento vive en extrema pobreza que ganan menos de 1 dólar EE.UU. al día. La esperanza de vida es de unos 64 años.

Desde su creación, Chaquijyá ha sido una comunidad agrícola. Su cultivo comercial principal es el maíz, pero muchos residentes también crecen hierbas y especias. Según la tradición local, un padre divide sus tierras entre sus hijos, y así se convierte en campos agrícolas más pequeños con cada generación. Medios alternativos de ingresos, a menudo son necesarias, pero son difíciles de encontrar.

Nuestro trabajo se centra actualmente en el barrio de Central. Acabamos de terminar un programa de verano para 120 niños y les enseñamos Inglés junto a los maestros locales al 4 - 6to grados.Pronto vamos a iniciar programas de trabajo en la limpieza del medio ambiente y el reciclaje, el desarrollo de una cooperativa de mujeres, y ayudar a los trabajadores de salud comunitarios.

Nuestra misión es fomentar las comunidades de los adultos jóvenes y alentarlos a utilizar sus pasiones y la educación en el servicio a las comunidades necesitadas.

Nuestra visión es establecer una red mundial de Maná comunidades del proyecto donde los jóvenes viven y trabajan al lado de otros en las comunidades marginadas para iniciar un cambio positivo.

Nuestros tres pilares de la organización es un enfoque integral, un enfoque comunitario, y el desarrollo del voluntariado.

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The Blog: Updates from Manna Project International

The Perfect Ending to an Unforgettable Trip

Last week we celebrated Día del Maestros at Cooperativa. The kids all made up dances and performed them in front of the teachers. We had the privilege of sitting on the raised area with the rest of the teachers of the school overlooking the area where the students were performing. It was a great honor and feeling that they considered us just as important as the teachers working at the school. It was also amazing getting to watch my students perform and scream out our names to make sure we were watching them. To know that we have formed relationships with the kids that is more than a teacher student relationship is pretty awesome.

This past week our computer class was an absolute knock out. We took the women to an Internet café nearby and taught them how to use the Internet for the first time. It was truly an eye-opening and rewarding feeling getting to introduce them to such a foreign experience. Watching them as they “googled” their hometowns and could look at images of where they lived. They were absolutely astounded by the things they could do and the new world they had been introduced to. It was a moment where I realized why I’m really here and the impact I have been able to make in my two-month stay in Guatemala. A moment I will not forget.

As the days pass, my last week has quickly approached. It is difficult to think of life back in the States because it is so foreign to the life I have become accustomed to in Guatemala. I have made friendships that will last forever; hopefully touched some lives along the way, and have been forever changed because of this experience. I have formed a love for the country and its people that I was not expecting to carry away. So, I depart not by saying goodbye, but see you later Guate. 


Life in the Clouds

The mammoth Volcán Atitlán can either be seen clearly from our window in Sololá, or the view from our window can be nonexistent; the clouds can become so overpowering that you can’t even see anything at all. You could literally look out the window and see a world of white.

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Art that Scratches More than the Surface

As my time in Guatemala is coming to an end, we have officially entered the rainy season and the students are currently taking their quarterly exams. Because of exams, Nutrition, my original program, was cancelled. I didn’t learn this until I arrived at school bright and early this morning. Don’t fret, though.

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New beginnings

The beginning of the fourth quarter in Guatemala has marked a time for closing doors and opening new ones.  Nicole and Ja had been working with the Basico English program since they arrived in July teaching English classes at the middle school in Central.  Over time we decided that it would be best to equip a teacher from the school to teach these classes, to

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Getting Back into Gear

This past week was pretty busy, planning for the arrival of summer interns, finishing up the quarter, and preparing for our programs. Our first group of summer interns arrives on May 11th, only a few short weeks away. Julie and I are hard at work planning for their arrival--creating budgets, arranging transportation, etc.

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Spring Break!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that blog updates on this particular page may decrease this month... but don't you worry. We've got four awesome groups coming from universities in the States to spend a week with us in Chaquijyá:

Vanderbilt - March 2-9
UGA & UNC - March 10-17
UAB - March 17-24

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Nicole's PD Video!

Here is the long-awaited PD interview of Nicole Altamura! One of our co-PDs, Julie Barwig, has done a fantastic job editing and putting this video together. So without further ado, here it is. Hope everyone enjoys!


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After-School English Updates!

2013 has begun full force and I can hardly believe that it is already February!  Since we got back after the holiday break we have been working to start fresh by re-organizing programs, including creating new ones and leaving others behind.  As life goes, nothing ever works out exactly as planned, so we have had to make various modi

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Join Our Team!

Well, that time is upon us. It's that time where you have to start thinking about summer and post-graduation plans. Or, in our case, post-Manna plans. It can be sad to think about moving on... but it doesn't have to be!

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Hello from Julie!

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San Marcos Retreat!

We just returned from our 2nd retreat, and this time we went to the tranquil little town of San Marcos right on the beautiful Lake Atitlan! It had such a calm and relaxing effect on me & I loved every minute of it. We arrived Tuesday noon, just in time for lunch.

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To be or not to be....

Yesterday was the last day of camp!  It was an eventful day because we had another guest visitor, Alberto, a friend of mine from Cuba who is a professional actor and artist.  He conducted two theatre workshops for the kids, first with the younger kids and then the older ones.  I was so impressed with how the students responded to the workshop because som

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