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07 Nov 2010
Bienvenida a la página principal de los ONGs y la ayuda internacional en Guatemala. Si usted trabaja para una organización pequeña, ONG grande, clínica médica, o cualquier otro grupo que trabaja para cambiar el país de Guatemala, añadir su organización a la página! Utilice para conectar su causa al mundo, encontrar voluntarios, y trabajar en equipo con otras organizaciones con objetivos similares....
19 Aug 2015
For World Humanitarian Day 2015, WINGS is celebrating one of our dedicated team members. A true humanitarian who provides reproductive health education to thousands of youth, women, and men in some of the most underserved communities in Guatemala, and never loses her enthusiasm and motivation! We don’t know what we’d do without her and we […]
20 Apr 2015
We have already raised nearly $2,500 for Guatemalan mothers thanks to 18 amazing donors and many enthusiastic supporters who shared the campaign! And with this update, we would like to share a different but important picture of what motherhood looks like in Guatemala with the story of this young man we had the pleasure to meet during a 3-day […]
14 Apr 2015
We are thrilled to invite you to join our Mother’s Day campaign! We are now raising funds to establish our first permanent clinic in Antigua Guatemala, which will offer family planning information, contraceptive methods, and cervical cancer screening and treatment. With your help, we will be able to save Guatemalan mothers’ lives – just follow the link […]
06 Apr 2015
Part III in a five part series dealing with the issue of cervical cancer in Guatemala and how WINGS is working to spread awareness and deliver much need services. Due to the limited availability of vaccinations to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) in many low resource countries, the most viable method of reducing cervical cancer incidence […]
01 Apr 2015
19 year old Hector Suchite joined our team this year as a project assistant in Petén. His community, Villa Hermosa recently received electricity but still lacks access to many basic necessities – potable water, a road, and a functioning health center among others. Villa Hermosa is one of ten communities along the Mexican border in […]
23 Feb 2015
Part II in a five part series dealing with the issue of cervical cancer in Guatemala and how WINGS is working to spread awareness and deliver much need services. The majority of cervical cancer cases (over 70%) are believed to be caused by two high risk types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) — types 16 […]
04 Feb 2015
Part I in a five part series dealing with the issue of cervical cancer in Guatemala and how WINGS is working to spread awareness and deliver much need services. Cervical cancer is a tragic and compelling issue, especially in low resource countries like Guatemala where access to health services and information is extremely limited. In […]
08 Jan 2015
Dear WINGS friends and donors, THANK YOU! I am truly humbled and overwhelmed by your generous support for our 2014 year-end matching campaign. Thanks to you, we far surpassed our $60,000 goal by raising $94,000 this past December. Your support means even more women and men will benefit from reproductive health education and services in 2015. […]
30 Oct 2014
Get to know a bit more about Rodrigo in this short introduction. I first heard of WINGS back in 2007.  As the new Health Manager for USAID´s multisectoral project Alianzas, I worked closely with WINGS’ staff in planning and executing different projects with USAID|Alianzas as a donor.  WINGS always struck me as an amazing institution, […]
19 Sep 2014
Hammers ring out on concrete, pinging through the humid mid-morning air. “That,” says Matt with a grin via his translator, “is an example of background noise.” We giggle. Work crews have been renovating the hallway opposite our conference room all morning. “If you start your scene with a sound like that in it—or, say, birds […]
28 Jul 2014
Doña Ruth acts as a promoter in Juayacan, where a man recently threatened her family. “A woman had been getting the Depo shot, but kept having side effects. It just didn’t work with her body – she kept fainting and was generally really tired. Her husband came to the house one day and told me that […]
14 Jul 2014
Part IV of a series of stories from Petén. Read the rest here. The next day we travel seven hours to La Tecnica, a community near the Mexican border  in the Sierra del Lacandón jungle. The roads seem impassable and the beauty impossible, both carved out from crops of sugarcane like a red sea. There […]
11 Jul 2014
Part III of a series on Péten. Read the rest here. Trust—between WINGS staff, elected promoters, youth and men and women —builds the foundation for a healthy community. Manuel, a WINGS’ promoter in Sonte, Alta Verapaz, has worked as a leader in his community for over 12 years. “When you’re working for that long, you […]
07 Jul 2014
In an effort to understand all sides of the issue, WINGS spoke with various religious leaders on the controversy surrounding contraception. Rev. Matthew Kraemer, a Catholic priest, and Rev. Peter Casparian of the Episcopal church lent us their expertise: For more perspectives, including a scientific discussion of contraceptives, see parts 1, 2 & 3 of […]
03 Jul 2014
Second in a series of stories from the Petén. Alongside many of the promoters who work as midwives, pharmacists, or medical officials in their communities, children engage in the work of their parents. Javier, 16, wanted to help his mother out. A long-time midwife in the community, she’s been working with WINGS for almost three […]
27 Jun 2014
A series featuring interviews and stories from Petén. “What does it take to be a mother or father?” Karina, WINGS staff member, asks a class of adolescents. She writes the answers they shout on a whiteboard: must provide food, shelter, clothing, education. “What else?” she asks. “Love!” Shouts one boy. “Yes, good. Love and affection. […]
03 Jun 2014
Edgar, 19, is the oldest of seven siblings living with his parents. Edgar attended a series of WINGS’ sexual and reproductive health workshops in his community, Chichut. He is an active youth leader and forms part of his town’s Community Development Committee (COCODE) as secretary. Edgar is part of WINGS’ effort to educate and empower […]
27 May 2014
The invisible girl lives in rural areas, seldom attends secondary school, marries early and has little control over how often she becomes pregnant and how many children she has. She escapes national data because she is hard to reach and expensive to serve. Yet, she is expected to raise her children free of malnutrition, stay […]
15 May 2014
Helping Girls and Women Spread their WINGS What is Tukuru? You may ask. Indeed, Tukuru is not a very common word and it is certainly not well known; yet it is a very special place. It is much more than a small indigenous village which happens to be located literally at the geographical heart of […] beta
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