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Welcome to the completely bilingual network of nonprofits and international aid in Guatemala.

Take a look around, and if you work for an organization, church group, medical clinic, or any other group working to change the country of Guatemala, add yourself to the website!

Use to connect your cause to the world, find volunteers, and team up with other organizations with similar goals.

Remember that this website is COMPLETELY BILINGUAL, which enables you to interact with Guatemalans and International volunteers and aid workers alike.

Launched in October, 2010, is a 100% nonprofit organization here to serve YOU!

As we bring the site up to speed, please help us by adding your organization, volunteer opportunity, or medical clinic to the page. Get the conversation started in our forums, or submit a news article to spread the word about a subject related to aid in Guatemala.

If you see anything wrong with the site, or more importantly, if you have any suggestions on how to make the site better or easier to use, please contact us!

The launch of represents the start of a new era of solidarity and cooperation amongst the aid effort in Guatemala.

We can make the change. Together

Jeremy Brenner

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