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The release of OSRS Kebos Lowland is getting closer. Are you ready to play in the brilliant new map? Before you can start your new adventures there, we’d like to introduce the first round of our promotions where you can enjoy up to 8% off for your orders of 07 runescape gold & more Till Jan.14.

Happy New Year to RS Fans!Time to Get Up to 8% off RS 2007 gold &Runescape gold from RSorder for 2019 New Year&The Kebos Lowlands Jan.8-Jan. 14!

A few years back, however, we’ve been introduced to a game launcher, which meant that you didn’t even need to open your browser anymore in order to play the game (with the exception of downloading and registering the account, of course). The default launcher provides us with basically the same UI and data as did that small window on our browsers. But as people mature as OSRS players they usually find the Jagex’s default launcher somewhat lacking.

Players, especially competitive ones, both PvPers and PvMers often feel that they need to handle more data faster. This demand has led to the creation of third-party made game clients. There is a plenty of such clients, all with varying functionalities (not one of them show the price of OSRS gold, unfortunately). In this blog post we’re going to review some of these clients so you could decide which client to try out, if any and why.

OSBuddy is one of the most popular game clients at the moment and for a good reason. First of all, it’s approved by Jagex, meaning that a) this is completely legit and you don’t have to worry about getting banned for using this third-party client and b) it is safe, unlike some of the clients out there; you do not risk losing your account due to your data being leaked. Still, some users recommend that your account details for OSBuddy are different than those of your actual OSRS account. Frankly, that’s a precaution that should be taken whatever product you use or game you play (e.g. your account details should always be different than those of your email).

Furthermore, OSBuddy comes with a bunch of handy features: you can track your health more easily, XP gained can be shown on your screen without looking at the skill tab. Same goes for XP left until level up: if you’re cooking, for example, an icon shows up which tracks the amount of XP you’ve gained and the amount of XP you need for a level-up. You can also see the names of items dropped on the ground, as well as their value and it’s easier to track such things in general. Another cool feature is especially useful for those who often leave their OSRS account running in the background,

whether you’re waiting for a duel or just leaving your account doing some AFK money making – it is a notifier which makes your OSRS icon flash when you’re offered trade or challenged into a duel. The full list of all the features is simply too long for this blog post, so we strongly recommend you check them out at OSBuddy website. Just another important thing to add: OSBuddy is highly customizable, therefore you can easily enable or disable features you feel you do or do not need.

It should be noted that a lot of cool features of OSBuddy are behind a paywall – you have to purchase the PRO version to be able to enjoy them. However, you might consider doing so because not only that would unlock a lot of features, but you would also be supporting the developers. Worst case scenario you try out the free version and drop it if you don’t like it, best case scenario: you will be using a game client you love and helping its development too.

RuneLite is another popular OSRS client (do not mistake it with the infamous Runeloader which was reported to be unsafe). Similarly to the previously introduced OSBuddy, RuneLite comes with a bunch of features you can turn on or off. Some of them let you see the combat style you’re using at the moment without checking combat tab, highlights fishing spots, various targets and other similar convenient features. RuneLite developers put a strong emphasis on the client being open source, which means that you can both create your own tailored version of RuneLite or you can also make your own contribution by sharing your piece of code and getting it approved by developers.
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