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like cassette players, microscopes, animals, and dinosaurs or has that element of Transformers lore been ignored? What about other concepts like Pretenders and combiners?DN: At launch we are focused on land based vehicles. However, as the Transformers brand is 30 years old this year, it goes without saying that means we have an incredible amount of rich history that we could tap into in the future

as we expand our roster.GC: The art style seems to be based on Transformers Prime but I'm not clear if it's a direct tie in? Does it have any connection to the movies, considering Prime was a vague spin off from them? And given that the cartoon is now finished and the art style is quite different from the classic Transformers look do you worry

the connection may now do you more harm than good?DN: There's an incredibly rich lore and history surrounding the Transformers property that we've been able to draw inspiration from for Transformers Universe, starting with the original cartoon and the 1986 animated movie, right through to the Michael Bay films and the Prime series.

As you travel about RuneScape you'll undoubtedly discover several places that can be hazardous, when you enter these a warning will pop up, usually looking like the warning to the right. After you have visited these locations several times you will be able to turn the warnings off. If you'd prefer to have them turned on, you can visit the Doomsayer in Lumbridge..

2). I take my kids to the ice cream parlor for dinner. Not every night, of course. Walk towards the south gate of Falador. When you get to the gate, follow the paved road south a few steps but stop when you see a farm to the east. Follow the wall of the farm to the north side. and lying down in the middle of an alley. In the Halloween video Frightfully Bad Games, Navarro stated, "This game received the lowest score in the history of GameSpot, a 1.0.
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