Celebrate Mother's Day with Mayan Families 2013

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Mother's Day Food Basket!Indigenous WomenCelebrate Mother's Day with Mayan Families! Mothers Day in GuatemalaCelebrate Mother's Day with Mayan Families!      Mother's Day is May-12-2013.  We invite you to celebrate the amazing mothers we serve at Mayan Families by sending a Mother's Day Food Basket!  Every day of the year these women make tremendous sacrifices so that their children can eat, go to school, and have a chance for a better life.  El Dia de la Madre (Mother's Day) gives us the opportunity to salute these women and commemorate their strength, hard work, and ingenuity. 
These mothers face challenges that we in the developed world can hardly imagine. They live in extreme poverty in cramped, uncomfortable conditions. Most never had the chance to go to school and do not know how to read and write. They rise at dawn to collect firewood and make tortillas and then work long hours for little money, spending days weaving items to sell for a few dollars, cleaning in private homes, working in the fields, hand-washing clothes, all while carrying babies on their backs.      Many are single mothers who have been abandoned by husbands who contribute nothing to the children's welfare. Others are widows who lost their husbands to illness or violence and are now the sole breadwinners.  Some live for years with medical conditions for which they can't afford treatment.  
Every day these mothers struggle to feed their families on a tiny bit of income.  By sending a Mother's Day Food Basket, you can give a mother a much-deserved break and enable her family to celebrate her love and tireless effort with a sumptuous, nutritious meal. 
For the children in our Orphan Care program, Mother's Day is particularly difficult.  By sending an orphaned child a Mother's Day Food Basket, you will enable him or her to share a special meal with extended family and make this day a lot brighter.
The Mother's Day Food Basket includes a chicken, fruits, vegetables, oil, rice, beans, and corn or vitamin-enriched cereal, packed in a plastic basket that will be used afterward to stack and wash dishes, hold food, etc.   Click here to donate a Mother's Day Food Basket for $40 that will feed approximately 10 people.
The elderly mothers and grandmothers in our Elder Care program often live alone and do not have enough to eat.  For just $10, you can send them a small bag of food that will bring a lot of happiness and relief to them. Mothers Day Food Basket This year, why not celebrate Mother's Day by sending a food basket to a mother, orphan, or elderly person through Mayan Families? 
 You may designate a specific family to receive this gift or let us choose a mother most in need.   Click here to order a food basket for El Dia de la Madre today! 
Your food basket donation can make the difference between another week of hunger, and the joyous celebration of an important holiday.
 Any donation you can send will help to relieve the crushing poverty that these children and families endure.   
If you would like to give a basket of food to your sponsored student, or any family in great need, please send a donation of $40 to the Community Aid Project at Mayan Families. You can make a difference now! 
The Mother's Day baskets  will be distributed on May 9th and 10th.  Please get your order in as soon as possible! 
Click here to purchase a basket for a family in need or you can send a check to:
Mayan Families
P.O. Box 52Claremont, N.C. 28610If your donating by check, please send us an email letting us know that your doing it this way.
To send a general donation please click here!To see Students needing Sponsorship and Co-Sponsorship, click here!
IN HONOR......If you would like to give this gift in Honor of someone special, please send us an email to: sharon@mayanfamilies.org  We will announce your gift on our website in the IN HONOR section and we will also notify, if possible,  the person that you are honoring with a special email...letting them know of your gift in their honor. 
Thank you for your support! It makes a big difference in these families lives!Each year, Mayan Families distributes Mother's Day food baskets to our students and families in need.

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