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Quisquina Castro Family

The Quisquina Castros are one tough family! They have 11 children that are learning impaired or have speech impediments. 6 of the children are special needs. One has been taken to a special needs hospital in Antigua. The rest of the special needs siblings, although now adults, are not able to care for themselves. They live at home with their parents and are taken care of by their enduring mother and sisters. It is necessary to clean the house everyday as continence is a problem for the special needs family members.  
On his own, the father fights to provide for the whole family. He is a day laborer and works when he can, earning $6 on a good day. Despite their difficult situation, the Quisquina Castros encourage their only two sons currently studying to focus on their education. Angel, currently in 8th grade and Jaime, in 1st grade, are the hope of the family. Angel has vowed to receive an education (college degree or vocation) in order to help support his family. 
If you are able to sponsor Angel and Jaime’s education, the family will be very grateful. Please visit our website to sponsor these two students. to sign up for sponsorship. Make sure to indicate the family number (FA-333) and what the donation is for.
If you wish to help Mayan Families provide the Quisquina Castro family with a care package that includes adult diapers and food costing a total of $505 please visit our website to make a donation.
Any amount, no matter how small, will contribute to this necessary package. Make sure you indicate the family’s number (FA-333) and what the donation is for.
Thank you in advance for your generosity, without which we would not be able to succeed. 

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