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The academic regulation of 1990, the ley Organica de ordination popular del Sistema education (logse) (regulation on the overall agency of the educational gadget), mounted a brand new device which commenced in 1991-92 school-12 months. The primary points of the new system are the following: primary schooling is compulsory and freed from rate, and it's miles prolonged up to the age of sixteen, the criminal age for starting paintings. The academic system includes standard and unique schooling, i.E. The unique ranges of training are adapted to in shape college students with special wishes. All students have fundamental vocational training, that is given in secondary schooling. Unique vocational education is prepared at two levels, the primary on the give up of obligatory secondary schooling, and the higher stage at the top of the 'baccalaureate'. Development in the pleasure of coaching must be finished thru the renewal of the contents of the guides, development in human assets and cloth sources, and better use of the various contraptions of the academic device. Spiritual instruction ought to be available at all colleges, but it is voluntary for pupils. Special systems are implemented for inventive schooling and language learning.

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