Nike Air was the first air technology in 1979 developed by Nike for maximum cushioning

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True Kanye West fans nike black friday uk already know about the Nike Air Yeezys. But the problem faced by fans and everyone else who wants to buy Nike Air Yeezys is ''Where can I buy the Yeezys online? '' There were only 3 Official Released colourways of the Yeezys namely; The Zen and Grey Nike Air yeezys The Black and Pink Nike Air Yeezys The Net Net (a. k. a Tan Brown) Nike Air Yeezys For each of these colourways only 3000 pairs were made each and they pretty much sold out within the time you woke up, could have a shower and drive down to the stores. This is because if you wanted to buy these sneakers you had to have being queing up at least 2 days before, but realistically not everyone could afford to miss work or put their life on hold to go spend over 96 hours queing for a pair of Yeezys.
Even some of the most ardent Nike Air Yeezy fans and sneaker heads would have been hard pressed to give up 2-4 days of their lives to que up for the Yeezys. Not to mention the sneakers were only available in very select stores to maintain their exclusivity thus making it even harder to obtain a pair. Next option was Ebay but if the price for the Yeezys was $215 and on ebay it was been sold for $600- $800 that kinda puts you off. Sooooooo you ask again ''Where can I buy the Nike Air Yeezys Online? '' Well there is a very good legit site on the yeezys available at http: //buyingairyeezys. blogspot. com/ Everything about the yeezys is available here including Prices Celebrities in the Yeezys Online and offline Stores in Europe America and Asia that stock and sell them. Official Yeezys Release dates of the Official Nike Air Yeezys. Scam/Fake Yeezys There are a number of sites online which also have them however,
the problem is most people don't black friday nike sale want to buy these Yeezys for two reason 1. Primarily no one wants to get scammed 2. Some People dont' know how to identify fake Yeezys. The main feature to know is that under the sole of the real Yeezys you'll find the word ''Nike'' whereas under the fake Nike Air Yeezys you'll find ''Jordan''. So first before you buy any pair, e-mail or ask to see all the pictures you possibly can of the Yeezys you want to buy. Most sites will normally display a number of pictures for description purposes, but sometimes they do not therefore you cannot see the sole of the Yeezys. Another solution to avoiding scam yeezys is again available on the site below you can download the ''web of trust tool'' from the bottom of the page. This tool shows comments of members as you browse and allows users to share information about website reputation ratings and online safety. So if a site sells fakes other members will most likely say so and you can avoid such sites. One thing you need to remember about the Nike AIr Yeezys There are three officially released Nike Air Yeezys colourways.
So all the new balance black friday sale other colourways you can buy online are factory variants unless ofcourse your in Kanyes' entourage and you've got links to the exclusive Yeezys. Well I hope you found this article useful on where and how to Buy Nike Air Yeezys online and you get yourself some fresh Yeezys. Published at: Nike, the world’s leading supplier of athletic footwear, accessories and sports equipment, has always been an innovator in the design of modern athletic footwear. Their years of continuous research and testing to create the most user-friendly footwear have made them into the global corporation that they are today. From its original concept of the waffle design, various technologies have been introduced to the market, focusing on the type of cushioning system that would offer the best comfort and protection for athletes during their training and competition. One of Nike’s low profile but advanced technologies is the Nike TN or Tuned Air. To understand the technology of Nike TN, we must first look into Nike’s original creations: Nike Air, Air Max and Zoom Air. Nike Air was the first air technology in 1979 developed by Nike for maximum cushioning. The pressurized gas within a flexible urethane plastic capsule is placed beneath the heel, forefoot or both to reduce impact to the foot. Next, Nike developed its’ Air Max series, with the visible air unit in the heel. This shoe was created to withstand the brunt of hard, repetitive impacts. Eventually a thinner and lightweight cushioning system, Zoom Air, was created to provide great cushioning. Subsequently, the TN or Tuned Air technology was introduced to the market as a system of individual pods underneath the shoe designed to absorb impacts at all areas of the foot. Nike TN shoes are the best footwear for athletes undergoing rigorous training or those preparing for competitionnike air max 90 soldes. beta
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